#MondayMotivation (from Robert Kiyosaki)

Another Monday, another #MondayMotivation quote. This one hails from Robert Kiyosaki — known for his book, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” — about the importance of pushing past fear!

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Inspirational Jam: “Chosen” – Madison Ryann Ward

“Don’t get caught up in comparison….keep it original like you been. This is the time to be all you can.”

Sharing this Inspirational Jam from singer Madison Ryann Ward! She first went viral with her short but powerful cover of Jonathan McReynolds‘ “God is Good.” This intro track, “Chosen” is featured on the singer’s full-length album, “A New Thing,” released on April 21, 2023. It is a reminder that you are here to do great things in this life, and I definitely need the reminder!

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Words of Wisdom: “The Price of Regret is Heavier than the Price of Discipline” – Inky Johnson

I am in a season of readjusting my routine to foster stronger discipline again (especially with the pandemic). So these these Words of Wisdom from speaker Inky Johnson hit home for me right now. I hope they resonate with you!

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#MustWatch: Michelle Obama Shines in “The Light We Carry” Netflix Special with Oprah Winfrey

My Forever First Lady Michelle Obama released her latest Netflix special, “The Light We Carry,” on April 25, 2023 (in connection with her latest book of the same name and subsequent podcast with Audible).

The documentary was a collaboration with Netflix and the Obamas’ Higher Ground Productions (the company behind projects like “Fatherhood,” “American Factory,” “Waffles and Mochi,” and, of course, Mrs. Obama’s 2020 special, “Becoming”).

I haven’t read “The Light We Carry” yet, but I had to watch this special. One, I mean, come on. It’s Michelle Obama. Two, I was in great need of a boost to remind myself of the light that I carry. And I definitely got that with this discussion! So I had to share some great takeaways with y’all.

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Words of Wisdom: “Tap Into Your Warrior Spirit”-Viola Davis

It’s officially March and it’s Women’s History Month! While I feel I balance out Words of Wisdom and quotes from a variety of people on Imperfectly B, for this month in particular, I try to highlight thoughts from powerful and inspiring women. So let’s start with one of my favorite actresses and creatives of all time: Viola Davis.

In addition to her acting, I truly love hearing Viola speak because she’s not only entertaining but very poignant with her words. So I wanted to share a clip from her today.

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