B Committed To What You Said You Were Going To Do

“Commitment is staying true to what you said you were going to do long after the mood that you said it in has left you.”

A new year is a time for a new start. A re-do on whatever happened in the past. That’s why New Year’s resolutions and vision boards are so popular. I don’t knock them at all. In fact, I think it’s important to figure out specific goals you want to accomplish every year (and every month). The problem is that a lot of us rarely stick to them.

For me, it’s been my fitness. I don’t have a problem at all with working out. It’s what I put on my plate that’s always been the problem. And, in case you didn’t know, you really can’t outwork a bad diet. I’ve tried…and FAILED. So I decided that, when it came to my health journey, I was going to focus more on eating cleaner and cutting out the bad stuff. I still struggle, but I’m seeing some results already just from that.

Being committed to this weight loss journey has always been hard because I love food and I’m an emotional/stress eater. So I try to take things a day at a time. I realize, though, that times will get hard and temptations will come. They already have and we’re only in January. But I have goals (and two cruises coming up this year) and I’m trying to get healthy and look good. That means sticking to what I said I was going to do…for real this time.

Some of us start off so strong at the beginning of the year. Then February and March come around and we’re already slacking. By August, we’ve completely fallen off and then December comes, and we’re still in the same place we were in January. Maybe even a little worse off.

What we have to realize is that commitment isn’t just saying yes on the days when you feel like it or the days it feels good. True commitment is saying yes to your goals when you want to and when you don’t. It’s making the necessary changes to your habits and mindset to achieve the goals you want. You may slip up but then get right back up. That’s commitment.

What I’m finding that is helpful in staying committed is having a mission or inspiration outside of just yourself and your wants. It could be your kids and family. It could be others that you know and want to help. Having a why, like Dr. Eric Thomas has shared, helps give you the motivation to keep going even when you want to slack off or quit.

A part of being committed is being willing to make the necessary sacrifices in your journey. In order to get to higher heights, you have to look at what’s working for you and what’s not working. You may not be able to go out with your family and friends all the time. You might have to spend some weekends in or take on some late nights here and there. You might have to cut out TV and put your phone on Do Not Disturb for a while. I know I definitely need to stop ordering food for the sake of my health and my bank account. Think about the changes that you need for yourself to make in order to get ahead.

What we have to realize is that commitment isn’t just saying yes on the days when you feel like it or the days it feels good.

Another thing is that you have to trust the process of getting to where you want to be. A lot of us want quick results and, when we don’t get them, we give up and say “Oh, it wasn’t meant to be.” No, you just don’t want to really work and wait for it. That’s how I’ve been in my weight loss journey but now I’m falling in love with the process of eating cleaner and working out more. I’m a firm believer that things often don’t come easy, and, if and when they do, they don’t really last.

I believe that this year is going to be even better than the last for many of us. Let’s stay committed to whatever it is we said we were going to do, shall we?

B Consistent

Wishing you all a very happy and blessed New Year! No matter what happened in 2018 –good, bad, or indifferent– make this year great. Work smart. Play hard. B Kind. B Silly. B Inspired. B Imperfect.

Someone I follow on Instagram shared this quote:

“My 2019 word is going to be CONSISTENCY. I pray my energy, my mind, my focus, my happiness, my growth, my spirit, my time, my efforts all to be CONSISTENT.

It spoke to me because I had already determined that consistency had to be my life this year. Sure, 2018 was good, and I’m so grateful for my progress in live overall. But I had to be real. Lack of consistency is why I am not further along. My not being truly obedient to the vision that God has given to me is why I didn’t accomplish as much as I wanted to.


I’m over kinda sorta wanting things. I’m over kinda sorta working after them. I’m not saying anything to anyone. I’m just getting to work and doing what I KNOW I should’ve done in 2018. Even when I’m tired. Even when it’s cold and I want to be in bed. Even when it’s rough.

I’m determined to work at it all consistently. By December 31, 2019, it’s going to be a whole other ball game.

Listen, you can have all the planners and notebooks you want for 2019. You can dream it, plan it, and even execute some things. You can make a bomb vision board with great intentions to kick off the year strong. You can tell your plans to the world, and post it on Twitter or Instagram. But if you’re not consistently working after those goals, you’re not going to make it as far as you want to.

You may be successful in some ways, yeah. But think about how much you can accomplish by going after your plans in some way, shape, or form, on a regular basis. Consider what your health may be like by the end of the year. Consider where your business will go. Think about all that you can do career-wise. Your relationships. Your finances. YOUR LIFE. Think of where you’ll be in 2020. That’s what’s pushing me.

It’s been time, y’all. It’s been time to cut out the excuses, the procrastination, the distractions, the kinda-sorta wanting things, the kinda-sorta doing things. Doing things halfheartedly will get you halfhearted results. Period.

This year, it’s about knowing what you want and working after it with everything you got. No matter how it feels some days. Even when it looks like you’re not going to make it. Even when you’re afraid to fail. Even when you’d rather be sleeping on New Year’s Day instead of batching content (okay, that’s probably just me). Be consistent anyway!

I’m all in this year. Are you?


Well, well. It’s the very last day of 2018! For my last #MondayMotivation post of the year, I am sharing a quote from Benjamin Franklin. One that I needed to read myself. One that I hope pushes you further as we get ready to kick off another new year.

As a year wraps up, everyone loves to talk about what they plan to do for the next. I’m not even mad at New Year resolutions. It’s great to have things to aspire to as we hit refresh with a new year. But you know what’s even better? Actually getting it done. Well done is better than well said.

This year, I don’t even want to talk about what I plan to do. I’m just doing it. I’m just putting my head down and being obedient to the vision God blessed me with. I want to look up this time next year and be amazed at far I’ve come because I did the work instead of just giving lip service. How about you?

Inspirational Jam: “Good Life”-G-Eazy & Kehlani

“Straight up from nothing we go higher than the highest skyscraper
No Little League, we major…the proof is in the paper…”

G-Eazy and Kehlani‘s track “Good Life” is my current mood right now! Had to share it for this week’s Inspirational Jam.

Featured on The Fate of the Furious soundtrack, “Good Life” is a song of celebration and victory. It’s a song about finally getting to where you want to be with great people around you. It’s personal for me because that’s where I am right now. By the grace of God, I’ve come so far and done so much. I have so much more I want to do, but, looking over the past few years, I’m so grateful for where I am now. I’m enjoying all aspects of my life for the first time in a long time. That’s a blessing.

This is really a feel good song so I hope it puts you in a great mood today. Watch the official video below!

Words of Wisdom: “Get Out Of Your Own Way”-Mary J. Blige

I definitely needed to hear these Words of Wisdom from Mary J. Blige today. I hope it inspires you today too.

It was actually a piece of advice that she got from the legendary Chaka Khan, who told her to get out of her own way when it came to singing. For a little while, Mary had no idea what she meant, but later on, she understood perfectly. It meant don’t hold yourself back from doing what you’re meant to do. “Don’t be afraid of the power and the gift that you’re going to give to people. Don’t hate on yourself. Don’t speak negative of yourself,” Mary shared.

I struggle with that. I am my own worst critic, and I get pretty harsh with myself. That negativity often has held me back from doing what I know I could be doing. I’m trying my best though to get out of my own way. The way I figure it, there are enough outside obstacles that I have to deal with and others that will pop up. I don’t need to add on to it myself with negative words or thoughts on myself.

I encourage you all to get out of your own way today and every day. Watch Mary’s words of wisdom below!