Words of Wisdom: “Trust Your Instincts”-Nipsey Hussle

The first anniversary of the tragic death of the late, great Nipsey Hussle was yesterday (March 31). Though he’s not here physically, his impact and legacy live on. In celebrating his life, I had to share some thoughts from him for today’s Words of Wisdom. I hope it impacts you in a powerful way.

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Inspirational Jam: “High Hopes”-Panic! At The Disco

“Had to have high, high hopes for a living…shooting for the stars when I couldn’t make a killing. Didn’t have a dime but I always had a vision…always had high, high hopes!”

This track from Panic! at the Disco is a great Inspirational Jam to encourage us all on the road to reach our goals. I love it so much that it’s actually a warm-up song for my Zumba class that I teach!

High Hopes,” a track from the album Pray For The Wicked, really is a story of perseverance and drive. The song is lead singer Brendon Urie‘s story of persistence towards his musical ambitions in spite of the rough times. Continue reading “Inspirational Jam: “High Hopes”-Panic! At The Disco”

Words of Wisdom: “Where Are You Applying Pressure?”-Sarah Jakes Roberts

For today’s Words of Wisdom, I had to share these thoughts from author, speaker, and businesswoman Sarah Jakes Roberts! In these crazy days with the coronavirus and quarantine, this one is vital to still make the progress we need towards our goals.

In this clip, Sarah brings up the quarantine and the uncertain times ahead. It’s definitely unnerving, especially with the rate that everything is going down. However, are we just going to take this time to relax and sit or are we going to make some moves happen during this downtime?  “Are you just sitting back and letting this thing happen or have you decided that ‘Now is the time that I will apply pressure?'” Sarah asks her audience. “It’s time for you to become everything God has called you to be.”

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Words of Wisdom: “Have A Passion for the Process”-Jesse Itzler

I won’t even lie, I’m kind of dragging this week. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes. However, these Words of Wisdom from businessman Jesse Itzler woke me up!

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Words of Wisdom: “You Build Your Road With Your Words”-Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys delivers a powerful Words of Wisdom video on the power of the words we speak over our lives.

In this clip from Oprah’s Master Class, Alicia talks about how negative she was in her early career as far as achieving new heights. She used to tell her writing partner, Kerry “Krucial” Brothers, “Well, probably with my luck, we’re never going to do this or that.” It was funny to her but Krucial never understood it and called her out on it. “That’s how it’s going to be if you say it’s how it’s going to be,” he told her.

It was then that she realized that the things we say nonchalantly over our lives (“Oh, that probably won’t happen for me” Or IF that actually happens…”) has power. They reflect what we really think about ourselves, our abilities and our future. If our words and thoughts about the trajectories of our lives are negative, how could we ever truly produce something positive and successful? If we don’t believe in ourselves and our work, and keep downplaying ourselves, we probably won’t give 100% to it which affects our results in the long run.

I’m learning this and trying to speak more positively to myself and have a stronger belief in myself. Because honestly, if you don’t believe in yourself, why should anyone else?

Watch Alicia’s wise words below.