#MustWatch: Michelle Obama Shines in “The Light We Carry” Netflix Special with Oprah Winfrey

My Forever First Lady Michelle Obama released her latest Netflix special, “The Light We Carry,” on April 25, 2023 (in connection with her latest book of the same name and subsequent podcast with Audible).

The documentary was a collaboration with Netflix and the Obamas’ Higher Ground Productions (the company behind projects like “Fatherhood,” “American Factory,” “Waffles and Mochi,” and, of course, Mrs. Obama’s 2020 special, “Becoming”).

I haven’t read “The Light We Carry” yet, but I had to watch this special. One, I mean, come on. It’s Michelle Obama. Two, I was in great need of a boost to remind myself of the light that I carry. And I definitely got that with this discussion! So I had to share some great takeaways with y’all.

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Brittany Shawnté’s Interview on Host Tammy Padilla’s “Let’s Talk About Him – The Lord!”

Y’all, with everything I have going on, I forgot to share a HUGE piece of news on the site! I recently did an interview with host Tammy Padilla of Blessed Touch LLC, who has her own online show, Let’s Talk About Him-The Lord! Now, Ms. Tammy, as I call her (I’ve known her since I was a kid in church), regularly interviews singers, pastors, entrepreneurs, and others to share encouraging words and more about their spiritual lives. I’m so glad that we were finally able to get something on the books!

On the broadcast, I spoke about how Imperfectly B got started, my Monday Motivation eBook, my truly imperfect spiritual journey, and more! The few times people have interviewed me, I’ve definitely been really nervous (especially because I’m used to doing the interviewing myself!). However, this conversation really flowed, and I was so honored to share my story.

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#MustWatch: ‘Chadwick Boseman: Portrait of an Artist’ Is a Push to Finally Take Your Craft Seriously

I LOVE Chadwick Boseman. I have since 2008-ish, when he had a recurring role on Lincoln Heights on ABC Family (now Freeform). As he grew in his career, I continued to watch in amazement like, ‘This guy is really something.’ Not only was he an incredible actor, but, from his interviews I watched, he also seemed like a real cool, down to earth dude to kick it with. After Black Panther came out, I felt like more of the world REALLY got that too.

I was and continue to be one of his biggest fans even after his untimely passing of colon cancer in 2020. So when Netflix announced that they were releasing a special in his honor, appropriately titled Chadwick Boseman: Portrait of an Artist, I knew I had to watch. Even as bittersweet as it was. However, just in this short special, I left feeling inspired to do more.

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#MustWatch: Debbie Allen Continues Her ‘Dance Dreams’ In New Netflix Documentary

I haven’t done a #MustWatch post in a long, long while. I plan to do more but only when I find documentaries or shows that really inspire me to tap more into my passions

That was the case when I watched one of the latest Netflix documentaries centering around the legendary Debbie Allen — dancer, choreographer, actress, producer, entrepreneur, and the list goes on! This woman has a resume miles long so when I saw that Netflix was doing a documentary on her (produced by Shonda Rhimes, no less!), I knew I would be watching! Dance Dreams: Hot Chocolate Nutcracker gives viewers an inside look at Ms. Allen’s career, her dance academy, and her unique production of The Nutcracker that she puts on every year with hundreds of students!

But, of course, there’s valuable lessons to take away from the documentary as well.

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#MustWatch: Michelle Obama Talks ‘Becoming’ In New Netflix Documentary

I was able to watch Becoming, a Netflix documentary featuring former (but more like forever) First Lady Michelle Obama while on tour promoting her book of the same name. The documentary was directed by Nadia Hallgren and was made by Mrs. Obama and President Barack Obama’s Higher Ground Productions, which currently has an exclusive deal with Netflix 

I, like a good chunk of the world,  have read Mrs. Obama’s book. I also had the opportunity to see her on her Becoming tour during her first night in DC (A DREAM!). If you’ve read the memoir, the documentary is a visual, condensed version of that but also includes footage from some of the tour stops (including the show I went to!), as well as community events, intimate moments with her family and staff, and more. 

I’ve already read mixed reviews from news outlets, but I don’t really care. I found it to be a good documentary to inspire and motivate, especially in these crazy times we’re living in right now. And you know me. I always love finding takeaways to share with you all.

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