Brittany Shawnté’s Interview on Host Tammy Padilla’s “Let’s Talk About Him – The Lord!”

Y’all, with everything I have going on, I forgot to share a HUGE piece of news on the site! I recently did an interview with host Tammy Padilla of Blessed Touch LLC, who has her own online show, Let’s Talk About Him-The Lord! Now, Ms. Tammy, as I call her (I’ve known her since I was a kid in church), regularly interviews singers, pastors, entrepreneurs, and others to share encouraging words and more about their spiritual lives. I’m so glad that we were finally able to get something on the books!

On the broadcast, I spoke about how Imperfectly B got started, my Monday Motivation eBook, my truly imperfect spiritual journey, and more! The few times people have interviewed me, I’ve definitely been really nervous (especially because I’m used to doing the interviewing myself!). However, this conversation really flowed, and I was so honored to share my story.

From the beginning of Imperfectly B, I wanted to uplift and inspire myself and others along life’s journey. This was an interview that reminded me of that mission. It was also an interview that reminded me of my very, VERY humble beginnings and how the site was really birthed from a place of grief and pain…but also hope for a better day. Sooo…if you’ve ever wanted to learn more about me, this is the perfect video to watch!

Watch the full interview below! Also, make sure to watch previous encouraging interviews from Let’s Talk About Him-The Lord! at

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