With everything going in the United States right now, especially as a young, black woman, I’ll admit that I’m struggling to be optimistic right now. Still, I wanted to share some #MondayMotivation to keep me going as well as you all. This quote comes from French poet and novelist Anatole France.

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#GreatRead: “The Greatest You”-Trent Shelton

Another #GreatRead for the month! This month, I’m sharing motivational speaker Trent Shelton‘s book (written with Lou Aronica), “The Greatest You: Face Reality, Release Negativity, and Live Your Purpose.

I’ve featured some of Trent’s motivational videos on Imperfectly B before and have been watching him for some time now. As he shares in this book, his story hasn’t been without its share of adversity. After playing football for many years, he was eventually signed to the NFL and was cut and rejected by several teams. He tried to keep his love of the game alive, but it just didn’t pan out the way he planned. In the midst of this, he was smoking, drinking, and partying all of the time, among other things, to try to numb the pain. His life was all over the place.

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Words of Wisdom: “What’s For You Is For You”-Meagan Good

Today’s Words of Wisdom are from actress Meagan Good and it falls in line perfectly with this comparison demon that a lot of us face regularly.

In this clip, Meagan talks about not comparing her journey to other people’s and refusing to get upset when her life doesn’t go as planned.”I’ve just fixed my mind to say, ‘What’s for me is for me and no one can take it from me. And what’s for someone else is for someone else,” she shared.  Continue reading “Words of Wisdom: “What’s For You Is For You”-Meagan Good”

Inspirational Jam: “Today”-August Alsina

“No choice, I gotta find a way…I’m on the grind, 365, got no time to waste…”

This song from August Alsina is serious motivation for me so I wanted to share it as today’s Inspirational Jam!

On “Today,” August sings about the urgency of his grind and that he has no time to waste out here. He’s not just working for himself. He also has the nieces that he’s now raising himself in mind. Having a “why” outside of yourself pushes you to go further and do more. 

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