Perfectly Imperfect

Today marks a new chapter for me. I officially put my entertainment blog, The Spotlight, to rest on March 31, and am starting the month of May with a new inspirational/lifestyle website. Taking a page out of my blogging idol Necole Kane‘s book, I guess, after she revamped her successful entertainment site, Necole Bitchie, to create an incredible new website, xo Necole, for women of color surrounding stories on life, love, career, travel, and more. A fresh (and more positive) start for her.

This new website, Imperfectly B, is that fresh start for me. I’m using this site to open up about my own thoughts and situations to hopefully help others who are going through circumstances in life and are close to giving up. As I shared a bit on my YouTube channel, I’m going to be sharing some tough lessons I had to learn the hard way over the past few years, and my own imperfections in this thing called life. I’m also going to write inspiring, feel good stories from the Internet for someone who needs encouragement, or just a smile or laugh for the day in this world filled with negativity. That’s what this site is going to be about. All good vibes.


Personally, I would’ve never thought that I would be doing this. Entertainment is my niche. Music, movies, and TV are what I love, talk and write about, and debate on CONSTANTLY. It comes so easy for me to write on, too. But, as I said in my final post on Spotlight, I felt God pulling me in a different direction for quite a while. Me being me, I grew doubtful of my abilities and didn’t listen last year…and paid a price. So I made a commitment that, in 2017 and for the rest of my life, I’m going to truly listen to His voice and move accordingly.

Let me be real with y’all. I’ve been in a bad place mentally…for a long time. Faking smiles at times and putting on a good front, trying not to drain people with my internal issues.  Between trying to grow my writing career, get my finances together, losing two closed loves ones nine months apart, among other things, I was a mess. I think that my immediate family has seen a huge difference in me the most, since they see me regularly. And, though I can definitely blame my current circumstances at work and at home, my own attitude about my circumstances is what’s really taken my joy. In the past years, I’ve been feeling down and out constantly, truly struggling to get out of bed each day, lashing out at other people at times, emotionally binge eating a lot of days and not eating much of anything on others. My mind wasn’t in a great place, and hadn’t been for quite some time.


I don’t say all that to make ANYONE feel sorry for me or worry about me. Seriously, if you’re reading this and know me, I AM IN A MUCH BETTER PLACE (just lift up a prayer/good thought every now and then for me). But that negativity and feeling of hopelessness was the catalyst for this site, so I have to be honest about it. At the end of the day, life hits you hard, and there’s always going to be something that comes along that will frustrate you, or hurt you. But it’s your attitude and joy (or lack thereof) that makes the difference in how you handle it all. I realized that this year, I HAVE to make some changes in my life and live the best life that God has for me moving forward. 

I had been considering shutting down Spotlight for about a year. At first, it was because I was finding that I couldn’t focus on it like I needed to because of other writing opportunities. But, more recently, I felt that I needed to do something else with my writing, something to have a better impact. But I didn’t know what. I had a feeling of serious doubt and sadness of even thinking of stepping away from Spotlight, because that’s where my entire freelance career started. That’s where I blossomed. God gave me the vision to create my own opportunity where I couldn’t find one, and I couldn’t imagine Him telling me to leave it behind. But He was. After much prayer and reflection, I knew He was pulling me away from that, and one day finally, I became at peace with it.

That day came at random as I was sitting at my 9-5, annoyed by the typical mess that goes on, and also upset over a disagreement I had with a close friend the weekend prior. But then I realized that my attitude about my job, my friendship, and other annoyances affected how I act, which ultimately affected my results. Which then affected my attitude….then my behavior…and my results. It wasn’t a new concept, but it hit me that it was a continual cycle of BAD.


As I sat quietly still to relax my mind, I felt inclined to write and look at affirmations. A still, small voice popped into my head with the idea to create a website to just write about uplifting stories and words for myself and for others. I can’t even take credit, because this was never something I wanted to actual do. Love reading and watching motivational articles and videos, and sharing positive words with people from time to time, but I never wanted to actually created the CONTENT. That was straight from heaven, y’all. Spotlight came about in the exact same way. So I bought a domain, WordPress theme, and came up with the name Imperfectly B, because I’ll be sharing about my imperfections and flaws as well, all of which make me perfectly imperfect. Imperfectly B (I’m.Perfectly.B. Slight wordplay HA!).

Now inspirational websites and motivational quotes are nothing new to see and read, but it’s new for ME to create. And it makes me so happy! The more I brainstormed, the more I researched, and the more I worked on creating and batching content for this site, I realized just how amazing and excited and inspired I felt. I literally haven’t felt this way since….since I started Spotlight. And that was going on 8 years ago. And I hope it inspires and motivates you in the same way.

This is a site to simply inspire and motivate, and share positivity with others. Literally GOOD VIBES ONLY, y’all. Yes, I know that there are others out there, but this is my own love project of sorts. Like I’ve said, life these days is really draining and mundane, and I want to write to encourage my own self and others as well. I want to share uplifting and feel good stories, lessons and happy moments from my own life, inspiring music, videos, books and quotes, clips that keep me laughing on my down days, and features on people doing good deeds in their community and working towards making a difference. I’m also going to vulnerably share my down and out moments, and how I’m trying to rise beyond them…all in hopes to encourage you to do the same. Sooooo…..

B Kind. B Silly. B Inspired. B Imperfect.



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