Words of Wisdom: “Inspiring Others Is The Ultimate Championship”-Kobe Bryant

I really appreciate these Words of Wisdom from the late, great Kobe Bryant (man, that still feels weird and heartbreaking to say).

As we all know, Kobe was a champion dedicated to hard work to get to where he wanted to be. In this clip, he admitted that his focus was on getting rings in his younger years as a baller. His passion, ambition, and work ethic were so admirable. However, as he got older, he realized that his impact on other players mattered much more. Inspiring others became more of his focus.

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Words of Wisdom: Stop Having Unrealistic Expectations Of Yourself-Jordan Syatt

Today’s powerful Words of Wisdom will come from strength training and nutrition consultant Jordan Syatt.

Even though the overall message of this video was referring to fitness, the second clip can be applied to pretty much every goal you have, especially if you’re currently feeling stuck.

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Words of Wisdom: “You’re Worth It”-Viola Davis

I have to kick off this new month with this powerful Words of Wisdom clip from one of my favorite actresses of all time, Viola Davis. I hope and pray that this clip helps us all to push past our doubts and fears towards new goals this month and beyond. AND that July 2020 doesn’t give us any more trouble, because these past six months have been A MESS.

This was a video that Viola had posted on her Instagram and that had circulated for beauty brand L’Oréal about a month ago. However, many of us saw it during a commercial break during the BET Awards 2020 on June 28. In the video, Viola talks about the importance of us all knowing our worth. Something that we’ve heard before, but it’s her message behind it that makes you feel like you can stand on top of the world!

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Words of Wisdom: “Be Comfortable With Saying No”-Ilfenesh Hadera

Hoping that these Words of Wisdom from actress Ilfenesh Hadera reach people who have problems with saying yes to everything. The problem with that is that it often causes undue stress and even resentment.

In this clip, the actress expressed that she’s very selective about what she does with her time. “I have gotten really good about being very particular about where I spend my time and who I spend my time with,” Ilfenesh explained in the clip. “And that, to me, means saying no a lot and being comfortable with saying no.” She then goes on to say that we need to be able to distinguish what is going to actually help with stepping out of our comfort zone to create growth and what is going to cause undue stress. And, whew, I FELT THAT.

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Words of Wisdom: “Master Your Energy”-Nipsey Hussle

The late, great Nipsey Hussle definitely was intelligent and wise beyond his years. These Words of Wisdom from him are a reminder to us all check the energy that we’re putting out through our thoughts, words and actions.

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