This #MondayMotivation quote from philosopher William James is a reminder that your thoughts have a lot of weight when it comes to your results.

Just like with this quote, I talk about the power of positive thinking because I’ve seen it for myself. Your thoughts about any given situation, positive or negative, affect your actions which, ultimately, is what affects your results. When you’re in a mostly negative headspace (especially at the beginning of something hard), you don’t really want to do much of anything and it’s harder to push through. When you don’t really believe in yourself and the fact that you can achieve your goals, you don’t go as hard towards them. That leaves you sorta, kinda achieving what you want.

However, when you evaluate what you bring to the table and believe in that wholeheartedly, you have more positive energy towards your work and are more likely to work harder towards what you want. And that’s even if things aren’t quite panning out to where you want to be. Just the fact that you know and believe in your purpose and what you have to offer changes everything.

Inspirational Jam: “Glorious”-Ella Henderson

“Can we quit paying attention to opinions and perfections before we run out of youth? Oh, ’cause we got flaws in all of us, but that’s what makes us glorious…”

I wanted to share this Inspirational Jam from singer Ella Henderson for those like me who struggle with loving themselves as they are. I hope this uplifts you today and beyond!

When the official video for “Glorious” was released, Ella shared this on her Instagram which I think perfectly sums up the gist of the song:

“Self love & acceptance is something that I am still on my own personal journey with & I feel it’s so important for my fans & anyone to know that we will only ever be the best versions of ourselves once we fully embrace every part of who we are. Appreciate what you have, don’t dwell on what you haven’t. Surround yourself with real people who are only there for your best interests. Try to shush your inner critic & begin celebrating your strengths!

We make mistakes. We have flaws. We have physical, mental, and emotional things about us that we don’t like. I know I pick myself apart worse than any other critic out here ever could. I’m working on loving myself and learning that, even the things I consider flaws have their beauty. I have things to work on for myself, but I’m learning to love where I am right now. This song reminds me to continue that work.

Watch the video for “Glorious” below!

Words of Wisdom: “Dare To Be Different”-Sigurd Vedal

Here’s a powerful Words of Wisdom video from entrepreneur Sigurd Vedal to encourage y’all today!

In the clip, Sigurd talks about how most people settle for average while those who are highly successful go above and beyond. Successful people typically don’t fit in with a good bit of people around them because people don’t understand their commitment to higher standards and excellent work. But that’s okay. We should celebrate the fact that we are different in that regard.

I really felt this! This, in no way, is to make it seem like I’m better than people (clearly not), but I know that I hate doing average work or being involved in anything that’s not well put together. That’s how I’ve always been, which is why I HIGHKEY hate group projects because a lot of people are comfortable with doing the bare minimum to skate by. I used to feel like something was wrong with me because of that. But I get that it’s okay to want to do your best and operate at a higher level. Granted, I had to let some of my perfectionism go a bit, but I still give my all in what I do.

The same goes for all of you. Dare to be different in your execution levels and then find the right people who will support and encourage you on your endeavors and vice versa.

Check out Sigurd’s wise words below.



Hey y’all! Here’s a #MondayMotivation quote that I hope inspires you to go after your dreams…even if there’s already someone doing what you do.

At this point, there aren’t too many fields or opportunities left untapped. Everyone is an entrepreneur, influencer, blogger, motivational speaker, online comedian, etc, etc. these days. I’ll admit that that used to intimidate me and even stop me from doing the things I’ve been called to do. 

Even though these fields may seem “oversaturated,” I began to realize that everyone has a unique flair that they bring to the table. No one story or background is exactly the same and there are viewers, readers and supporters out there for everyone. So I determined that I wouldn’t stop doing what I love because other people are trying their hand at it. There’s room out here for everybody!

What would you do or work on if you weren’t intimidated by what other people have going on? 

Inspirational Jam: “No Excuses”-NF

“Yeah, I don’t wanna hear excuses
I just like to make moves and make improvements
I just like to break rules, maybe start some new trends
Live the life that I choose, cuttin’ off the loose ends…”

I don’t remember where exactly I heard this Inspirational Jam but it was within the past few months. Immediately, rapper NF‘s track “No Excuses” made its way on both my Work Hustle and Fitness playlists on my iPhone. And for good reason.

On the track, NF raps about his own life and career, as well as working with other people. The gist of the song is that there is literally no excuse to not give your all in whatever field you choose or goal you set for yourself. Which we all know right? But sometimes we need a reminder. This track will do it.

Sometimes, we like to make excuses for why we haven’t completed tasks or gotten our ideas off the ground. I used to throw around excuses a lot myself so I know, but my lack of movement often stemmed from insecurities, fears, and downright laziness. I get now that there’s no reason to not commit to doing your best in whatever place you are in life. That’s what this song reminds me of everytime I hear it. I have no excuses when it comes to my personal development, my health, my work. Neither do you. Even if you have to start small, at least start and stay on the ball.

Take a listen to the track below!