Inspirational Jam: “We Got Love”-Teyana Taylor feat. Lauryn Hill

I live in abundance…love is the new money. I’m mentally wealthy, spiritually conscious…”

I’m on an attitude of gratitude kick this week, searching my heart, reminding myself of my purpose, and checking my intentions. Today’s Inspirational Jam from Teyana Taylor reflects that.

Teyana’s track, “We Got Love,” featuring Ms. Lauryn Hill is a reminder that, having money is nice, but having love and support around you is what matters the most.

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Words of Wisdom: “Inspiring Others Is The Ultimate Championship”-Kobe Bryant

I really appreciate these Words of Wisdom from the late, great Kobe Bryant (man, that still feels weird and heartbreaking to say).

As we all know, Kobe was a champion dedicated to hard work to get to where he wanted to be. In this clip, he admitted that his focus was on getting rings in his younger years as a baller. His passion, ambition, and work ethic were so admirable. However, as he got older, he realized that his impact on other players mattered much more. Inspiring others became more of his focus.

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The Top 5 Motivating Songs I Currently Have On Repeat

If you’ve been reading the site for a bit, you know that every Thursday I share Inspirational Jams with motivating music that I love. Some of them I love just a littleeee bit more than others.

These five tracks have been on repeat for me currently. From reggae artist Koffee to pop rocker Panic! At The Disco, this short list reflects my eclectic musical tastes. However, they each motivate me in different ways whether it’s to live a life of gratitude, hustle my butt off and be strategic with my moves, or simply to love myself a little bit better. I hope that they serve you in the same.

Check them out below!

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This #MondayMotivation quote from celebrated author Mark Twain is the push we all need to keep working at our goals rather than putting them off because of some unrealistic goal of perfection.

I don’t rule my life by astrology, but I’m a Libra and the oldest child. Both of those have the characteristic of being a perfectionist. I’ve always been the one to try to have my ducks in a row and, if and when things don’t go according to plan, I lose it. My anxiety flares up. I almost go into breakdown mode. Shoot, this entire website almost didn’t come together because I was so worried about everything being just right.

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B Prepared For What You Want



This post is a little bit of a vent. I know that it can be super frustrating to feel like you’ve been working your tail off to achieve your goals and you’re still not getting ahead. I’ve been there. On some things, I am there.

I am building up my brand for Imperfectly B, growing in freelance writing gigs, building a side hustle in Zumba. Sometimes, I’m overwhelmed by the amount of work that goes into all of that. I also sometimes get overwhelmed by the feeling of needing to “get ahead” with my work, earning more followers or income or whatever else.

The problem is, I want this “big success” as a blogger and influencer but I’ve found that I’m not really as ready for it as I claim to be. I haven’t established the proper processes and consistent habits that I need to do. I still have things that I need to learn so that I can be the best that I can be. I need to prepare myself for the things that I claim I want.

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