Words of Wisdom: “Where Are You Applying Pressure?”-Sarah Jakes Roberts

For today’s Words of Wisdom, I had to share these thoughts from author, speaker, and businesswoman Sarah Jakes Roberts! In these crazy days with the coronavirus and quarantine, this one is vital to still make the progress we need towards our goals.

In this clip, Sarah brings up the quarantine and the uncertain times ahead. It’s definitely unnerving, especially with the rate that everything is going down. However, are we just going to take this time to relax and sit or are we going to make some moves happen during this downtime?  “Are you just sitting back and letting this thing happen or have you decided that ‘Now is the time that I will apply pressure?'” Sarah asks her audience. “It’s time for you to become everything God has called you to be.”

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Utah Neighborhood Holds Social Distancing Zumba Class

With the coronavirus spreading across the world and so many quarantined in their homes, people are getting creative when it comes to connecting with others. I know I’ve done quite a few virtual fitness classes hosted by myself and others, but I loved this one!

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It’s been an interesting week with the hard hit of the coronavirus and working fully from home. The quarantine life has been an easy adjustment for me as a lowkey introvert than maybe others.

Nonetheless, I’ve definitely had some challenges to overcome this week, which is why I haven’t written in a minute. Now I’m back and here is a #MondayMotivation quote to get our weeks started off strong!

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Inspirational Jam: “Stages”-Jade Novah

“I’ve let some people down, didn’t fight back…made some choices that were good and some I want back. Went through s**t only to end up runnin’ right back…I got issues, but we all got issues like that…”

I love this new album Stages from singer Jade Novah but especially the title track! So much so, that I made it an Inspirational Jam in hopes to encourage someone. It’s definitely encouraging to me.

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