Words of Wisdom: “Write Your Vision Down”-Steve Harvey

I wanted to share this clip from Steve Harvey with some Words of Wisdom about writing your life vision down.

In the clip, Steve talks about the importance of writing down your goals and the vision you have for your life. Without preaching to y’all, Steve mentions the Scripture passage Habakkuk 2:2-3 (paraphrase): “Write the vision and make it plain. So he who reads it will run to it, and even though it will tarry, wait for it. For surely it will come at an appointed time.

I’ve talked about the power of vision boards and how I used them before. Whether you do a vision board or just a list of things that you want to accomplish in your life, it’s powerful to see your goals written down in one place. For me, it’s motivating and even more encouraging when I actually knock things out. Seeing what I have accomplished and what I still want to do pushes me to go harder and do better to achieve more.

Check out Steve’s Words of Wisdom below.



This #MondayMotivation quote from comedian and actor Milton Berle serves as an encouragement for people dealing with rejection from opportunities they want.

One of the greatest things I ever did was starting my own blog. When I couldn’t find any writing opportunities, I created one of my own which cracked the door for what I’m doing now. It took initiative, persistence, and perseverance, but it all worked out.

Sometimes, when things don’t pan out how you think they should, you have to start with doing your own thing. Creating your own door when others are shut in your face. If you take that seriously, it will grow to open doors you never imagined. Or it might even be the only door you need.

Inspirational Jam: “2econd Wind”-Anthony Brown and group therAPy

Lord I need you to hold my hand…though I am tired, I won’t give in. I just need a second wind…”

Wanted to share this special song from gospel artist Anthony Brown and group therAPy as today’s Inspirational Jam.

The Minister of Youth and Young Adults at my church sent “2econd Wind” to me after a brief text conversation. He noticed that my vibe was off at an event we were both attending and reached out to me a few days later. I admitted that I was having a tough week, feeling very burnt out from everything I have going on. I took some time to relax and regroup, but when I listened to this song, it gave me hope and strength.

Even as a Christian and an inspirational writer, I don’t ever have it all together. I have my rough moments, my mean moments, and emotional hurdles like we all do. However, this song encouraged me especially as I continue to grow in my faith. I share it because we all have times where we need to be restored and refresh in our journeys. That’s what this song is about. I hope and pray that it blesses someone who needs it.

Take a listen to the song below!

Words of Wisdom: “Practice Who You Want to Be”-Michelle Obama

These Words of Wisdom from my forever First Lady Michelle Obama puts things into perspective when it comes to our daily habits impacting us longterm.

While at an event, First Lady Obama mentions that she tells her daughters Malia and Sasha that they are practicing who they are going to be in the long term every single day. It starts with our daily choices. If we slack off and procrastinate all of the time, we’ll more than likely live that way as we get older. If we are dependable and trustworthy to others now, then we will continue to make a conscious effort to remain that way.

Yes, we all have the capacity to change and become better but our habits follow us—good or bad. That’s whether we’re neat or messy. If we like to be on time or if we’re notoriously late. If we go above and beyond with our tasks or if we do the bare minimum to slide by. If we complain and whine or take accountability for ourselves. Every day, we are practicing who we will be with the decisions we make. So what type of person do you want to be and what will you change or do to get there?

Watch First Lady Obama’s wise words below!


B Hungry For Your Goals

How are those New Year resolutions coming along y’all? I’m hoping that this post helps recommit to those goals!

With the passing of NBA great Kobe Bryant, everyone is discussing his skills on the court, his work with Mamba Sports Academy, his philanthropy, his multimedia company Granity Studios, etc. He was doing so much and working his tail off even after his “retirement.”

When it comes down to it, Kobe was great at what he did on and off the court because HE PUT IN THE TIME TO BE GREAT. He was committed to excellence even when he probably didn’t feel like it. Getting to practice hours before everyone else to work on his shots. Putting in the time to coach his teams. Working on his Oscar-winning short. That stuff takes time and effort. But to be great means going above and beyond the normal.

It all comes down to just how HUNGRY you are for what you want.

I find, in working with people, that many talk a big game about what they want to do and accomplish. I even have had to check myself on a few occasions for running my mouth and then not doing anything to really change my circumstances. But, if you want to do great things with your work and life, it requires a serious appetite to do well. In order to get there, you have to push yourself to do more than you thought you could. You have to (a lot of times) start early and finish late.

When you see people getting ahead or “passing you by,” it’s not always that they are more talented than you but it really comes down to how bad they want it. The fact that they’re willing to do what you don’t always want to do or believe in yourself enough to do. The fact that they take the time to work on becoming better while you rest on your talent and slack off. The fact that they just do what they feel that they are able to do while you hang back. Maybe I’m just speaking to myself, but I know somebody else has to feel that!

In order to really get to a new level, you have to develop this fight in you, this hunger. This mentality that says “I’m going to work my butt off to be the best that I can personally be. I’m going to make things happen because there is no other option for me.”

It’s not always that they are more talented than you but it really comes down to how bad they want it.

It’s that commitment, that drive, that work ethic that goes beyond what a regular person is willing to do that will get you ahead. You may have to change up your habits or your processes. You may have to make some sacrifices and difficult choices. You may not even see the light at the end of the tunnel right now and feel like all of the effort is all for naught. But trust, if what you are doing is your purpose in life, you will make it. But it’s keeping that hunger for your goals that is going to help you get there.