Inspirational Jam: “High Hopes”-Panic! At The Disco

“Had to have high, high hopes for a living…shooting for the stars when I couldn’t make a killing. Didn’t have a dime but I always had a vision…always had high, high hopes!”

This track from Panic! at the Disco is a great Inspirational Jam to encourage us all on the road to reach our goals. I love it so much that it’s actually a warm-up song for my Zumba class that I teach!

High Hopes,” a track from the album Pray For The Wicked, really is a story of perseverance and drive. The song is lead singer Brendon Urie‘s story of persistence towards his musical ambitions in spite of the rough times. Continue reading “Inspirational Jam: “High Hopes”-Panic! At The Disco”

Inspirational Jam: “Glorious”-Ella Henderson

“Can we quit paying attention to opinions and perfections before we run out of youth? Oh, ’cause we got flaws in all of us, but that’s what makes us glorious…”

I wanted to share this Inspirational Jam from singer Ella Henderson for those like me who struggle with loving themselves as they are. I hope this uplifts you today and beyond!

When the official video for “Glorious” was released, Ella shared this on her Instagram which I think perfectly sums up the gist of the song:

“Self love & acceptance is something that I am still on my own personal journey with & I feel it’s so important for my fans & anyone to know that we will only ever be the best versions of ourselves once we fully embrace every part of who we are. Appreciate what you have, don’t dwell on what you haven’t. Surround yourself with real people who are only there for your best interests. Try to shush your inner critic & begin celebrating your strengths!

We make mistakes. We have flaws. We have physical, mental, and emotional things about us that we don’t like. I know I pick myself apart worse than any other critic out here ever could. I’m working on loving myself and learning that, even the things I consider flaws have their beauty. I have things to work on for myself, but I’m learning to love where I am right now. This song reminds me to continue that work.

Watch the video for “Glorious” below!

Inspirational Jam: “Wildfire”-Rayelle

“Lord knows I’ve been here before…devil done tried to tame my roar.
Little did that devil know there ain’t no limiting to where I go…”

I love rising singer Rayelle‘s voice and powerful music! Her track, “Wildfire” is definitely my mood and a perfect Inspirational Jam to kick off today.

The track is all about never losing your spirit in spite of what may come your way. When life hits you hard, it’s easy to get discouraged and lose sight of who you are and what you’re meant for. I go through that a good bit myself, but I can’t let any negativity that comes up distract me. I’ve come too far.

Rayelle’s own energy really does spread like wildfire on this song. I hope it gives you a boost of energy today.

Take a listen to the song below!

Inspirational Jam: “Blessed”-Jill Scott

“Woke up in the morning feeling fresh to death…went to sleep stressed woke up refreshed…”

Had this song by Jill Scott on my mind for a while. It’s been a busy time lately and I’ve been exhausted. However, this Inspirational Jam is a reminder of all of the great blessings in her life.

On “Blessed,” Jill sings about the joy of having her son and still having her parents around. Even with the stresses that inevitably come in life, she has peace of mind. Not everyone does, so that is yet another thing to be happy about. The song really is just a reminder that, in spite of all the things that may go wrong, there are so many more things that are right. No matter how hectic life gets, there is so much to still be grateful for.

Watch the official video below.

Inspirational Jam: “Closer”-Goapele

“I’m getting higher…closer to my dreams. I’m getting higher and higher…feel it in my sleep.”

Goapele‘s “Closer” is a much-needed Inspirational Jam for me today. I hope it lifts your spirits today.

This song is, to me, one of inspiration but also of vulnerability. I know we all like to act like we have it all together, but it’s rough out here. On this song, Goapele admits at the time that she sometimes felt that she wouldn’t get ahead when it came to her dreams. However, there was a feeling that she was getting closer and she just couldn’t quit.

I’ll be honest. There are still days where I feel stuck…even with the blessings that I have now. It sometimes feels like I’ll be stuck where I am right now. But then I remember that I thought that around this time last year, wanting to quit and just live an average life. But I couldn’t actually give up, and my life changed drastically last summer. This song is a reminder that, even when you feel like you won’t surpass where you are right now, you’re closer than you think.

Watch the official video for “Closer” below!