Inspirational Jam: “I Know A Place”-MUNA

“When you get nervous, you think being yourself means being unworthy. And it’s hard to love with a heart that’s hurting…But if you want to go out dancing, I know a place.”

Indie pop band MUNA provides today’s Inspirational Jam, “I Know A Place!” I am just hearing this 2017 track, but it’s a special one to me already.

The song acknowledges that trauma and pain from life can make you want to retreat and also makes it hard to show love to other people. However, it also encourages those who are hurting or not feeling worthy to find support and comfort in the ones that love them, even if it’s a select few.

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Inspirational Jam: “I Ain’t Stressin Today”-Dear Silas

“Ain’t got time for all that stressing
I’m receiving all my blessings
‘Bout to love and hug myself cause I got time today

This song by rapper Dear Silas has been out for over a year, but I’m just now hearing it so I wanted to share it as an Inspirational Jam! “I Ain’t Stressin’ Today” is most definitely a MOOD.

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Inspirational Jam: “We Win”-Lil Baby & Kirk Franklin

“Whatever you may be goin’ through, we win…we’ll make it together, me and you, we win!
And when the clouds they won’t fade away, don’t you give up, you’re one step closer, it’s not the end…”

Starting off 2022 with this Inspirational Jam from Lil Baby and Kirk Franklin! “We Win” is definitely played A LOT, especially when LeBron James‘ reboot of Space Jam: A New Legacy first came out. I still hear it a good bit on the radio when I’m out and about.

I really love the track so I wanted to share it as motivation for someone who may need it today.

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Inspirational Jam: “We Got Love”-Teyana Taylor feat. Lauryn Hill

I live in abundance…love is the new money. I’m mentally wealthy, spiritually conscious…”

I’m on an attitude of gratitude kick this week, searching my heart, reminding myself of my purpose, and checking my intentions. Today’s Inspirational Jam from Teyana Taylor reflects that.

Teyana’s track, “We Got Love,” featuring Ms. Lauryn Hill is a reminder that, having money is nice, but having love and support around you is what matters the most.

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Inspirational Jam: “Love Myself”-Tracee Ellis Ross

“Got nothing to share…maybe I should put my phone down. I don’t really care if everybody likes me. I just wanna love myself…”

I absolutely LOVE this song by Tracee Ellis Ross and wanted to have it be this week’s Inspirational Jam. 

“Love Myself” is about just that: the journey of loving yourself. We get caught up in comparing ourselves to others on social media and needing validation from other people sometimes. We feel like we need to change aspects of who we are, forgetting that we are enough.  This was a really good reminder for me. The song was featured on the soundtrack for The High Note, which stars Tracee alongside Dakota Johnson and Ice Cube.

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