Words of Wisdom: “Master Your Energy”-Nipsey Hussle

The late, great Nipsey Hussle definitely was intelligent and wise beyond his years. These Words of Wisdom from him are a reminder to us all check the energy that we’re putting out through our thoughts, words and actions.

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Words of Wisdom: “Upgrade Your Skills”-Jim Kwik

I hope that these Words of Wisdom from author and learning expert Jim Kwik motivates someone to step his or her game up in with a craft. I know it’s motivating me!

In the clip, particularly towards the beginning, Jim talks about the importance of upgrading your skills, especially in the trying times that we’re living in right now. “You do not want to downgrade your skills to meet your current situation,” Jim advised. “You want to upgrade your capabilities, your methods, your skills to meet your dreams.”  Continue reading “Words of Wisdom: “Upgrade Your Skills”-Jim Kwik”

Inspirational Jam: “Anymore”-Alex Vaughn

“I’m trying to get this money…let’s go and get this money. But I can’t do it at this party. I finally decided that things can’t be the same anymore…”

I absolutely love this track from Alex Vaughn and I wanted to use it for this week’s Inspirational Jam!

On “Anymore,” Alex sings about the fact that, with the goals she has for her career, she can’t keep getting distracted by all of these parties or other things that take up too much of her time. She has to put her energy more towards getting better in her craft and growing her career.

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Words of Wisdom: “Give Yourself A Chance To Recharge”-Arianna Huffington

I wanted to share these great Words of Wisdom from Arianna Huffington with you all today.

In an interview with Ashley Graham, Arianna spoke on the importance of taking time to recharge, even in the midst of a busy schedule. Moments of rest and relaxation often lead to more productivity and better ideas.

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Words of Wisdom: “What’s For You Is For You”-Meagan Good

Today’s Words of Wisdom are from actress Meagan Good and it falls in line perfectly with this comparison demon that a lot of us face regularly.

In this clip, Meagan talks about not comparing her journey to other people’s and refusing to get upset when her life doesn’t go as planned.”I’ve just fixed my mind to say, ‘What’s for me is for me and no one can take it from me. And what’s for someone else is for someone else,” she shared.  Continue reading “Words of Wisdom: “What’s For You Is For You”-Meagan Good”