Words of Wisdom: Viola Davis Pushes Us To Ask “Why Can’t YOU?”

I LOVE me some Viola Davis! Not only is she an incredible actress who slays every single one of her roles, but she also is very intelligent and motivational. It shows in these powerful Words of Wisdom she delivered a few years back but they are definitely still relevant. Particularly on this last day of Women’s History Month!

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Words of Wisdom: “You’re Worth It”-Viola Davis

“There is value in each and every one of us, including you, that is precious even on the days when you might not feel it. You never depreciate in value.”

I have to kick off this new month with this powerful Words of Wisdom clip from one of my favorite actresses of all time, Viola Davis. I hope and pray that this clip helps us all to push past our doubts and fears towards new goals this month and beyond. AND that July 2020 doesn’t give us any more trouble, because these past six months have been A MESS.

This was a video that Viola had posted on her Instagram and that had circulated for beauty brand L’Oréal about a month ago. However, many of us saw it during a commercial break during the BET Awards 2020 on June 28. In the video, Viola talks about the importance of us all knowing our worth. Something that we’ve heard before, but it’s her message behind it that makes you feel like you can stand on top of the world!

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