Words of Wisdom: “Write Your Vision Down”-Steve Harvey

I wanted to share this clip from Steve Harvey with some Words of Wisdom about writing your life vision down.

In the clip, Steve talks about the importance of writing down your goals and the vision you have for your life. Without preaching to y’all, Steve mentions the Scripture passage Habakkuk 2:2-3 (paraphrase): “Write the vision and make it plain. So he who reads it will run to it, and even though it will tarry, wait for it. For surely it will come at an appointed time.

I’ve talked about the power of vision boards and how I used them before. Whether you do a vision board or just a list of things that you want to accomplish in your life, it’s powerful to see your goals written down in one place. For me, it’s motivating and even more encouraging when I actually knock things out. Seeing what I have accomplished and what I still want to do pushes me to go harder and do better to achieve more.

Check out Steve’s Words of Wisdom below.


Words of Wisdom: “Upgrade Your Friends”-Steve Harvey

I felt this Words of Wisdom clip from Steve Harvey way down in my spirit. I hope it gives any of y’all the confirmation you need about any so-called “friends.”

In this video, Steve reminds us that the word “friend” isn’t to be thrown around lightly. ANYBODY in your close circle ought to add to your life in some positive way. They ought to challenge you to be better and support you when you need it (and vice versa). Anyone who only provides laughs and the latest gossip is just an associate, for real. You need more than that when it comes to friends. That means upgrading some folks and downgrading some others.

Things change, and the people who you were once close to can become distant. The relationships that you once had can become stagnant. That doesn’t necessarily mean that things will never get back to how they were, but, in the meantime, if the people you call friends aren’t adding, then it’s time you start subtracting. Or at least taking a few steps back.

Check out Steve’s Words of Wisdom below!

Words Of Wisdom: “Remain On Faith Street”-Steve Harvey

These Words of Wisdom from Steve Harvey will hopefully encourage those of us struggling to have faith on the road to our dreams.

In this “Motivated” clip, Steve talks about how your blessings are delivered right when you ask for them on “Faith Street.” All you have to do is stay on the street to make it to the right “address.” Aka the right time, the right moment. The problem is that people get discouraged or frustrated with the work or the wait that they give up. So they never achieve what they claim to really want.

Getting to where you want to takes hard work, consistency, persistence, and FAITH that you’re going to get there one day. If you lose that faith, you lose everything.

Watch Steve speak on this below.

Words of Wisdom: “Make A Change”-Steve Harvey

This Words of Wisdom audio clip from Steve Harvey is short but sweet. Especially as we head into the new year soon, this clip is especially important. 

In the clip, Steve talks about the importance of change when you’re trying to grow to another level. You certainly can’t keep taking the same actions and expecting different results! We pray and meditate and dream of getting a promotion, losing that weight finally, or getting our businesses off the ground. It can be done, but it takes real effort and a shif in some of our daily habits. It takes us realizing what we’re doing right, but also what we’re doing wrong. It takes CHANGE.

Take a listen below! 

#MustWatch! Steve Harvey Speaks Out on Taking the Limits Off of Your Life

I really do love and respect Steve Harvey, man. I’ve been watching this guy since I was a kid, and to learn more about his story as I grew up inspired me. So I had to share this video from him for y’all.

Steve’s made a great career for himself, but what’s been most incredible to me is how he’s used his life story and gift of comedy to inspire and speak life to other people. In this video, he speaks about taking the limits off of God and yourself when it comes to your life, not letting people or circumstances stop you from pursuing your dreams, and other gems that I personally needed to hear this week!

It’s a little lengthy, but I promise it’s a must watch. I hope it gives you a little extra strength and motivation today and beyond!

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