Inspirational Jam: “Chosen” – Madison Ryann Ward

“Don’t get caught up in comparison….keep it original like you been. This is the time to be all you can.”

Sharing this Inspirational Jam from singer Madison Ryann Ward! She first went viral with her short but powerful cover of Jonathan McReynolds‘ “God is Good.” This intro track, “Chosen” is featured on the singer’s full-length album, “A New Thing,” released on April 21, 2023. It is a reminder that you are here to do great things in this life, and I definitely need the reminder!

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Inspirational Jam: “Green Tea Ice Cream”-Linda Diaz

“Do you even know what you’re working toward? Slow down, you’re burning out…at the end of your wick now…”

Another Inspirational Jam for you all today! This one comes from soul singer Linda Diaz.

With her song “Green Tea Ice Cream”, Linda was actually the winner of the 2020 Tiny Desk Contest from NPR Music, picked from over 6,000 entries by a team of judges! The track encourages listeners to not get caught up in the rat race of life (that is: working your 9-5, side hustles, brand deals, seeking influence, power, and money, etc). Meanwhile, you could be missing out on the most important things like gratitude, living in your purpose, or experiencing true joy with those around you.

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