98-Year-Old Who Walks 12 Miles Roundtrip to Visit His Sick Wife Inspires Others To Give Back

Talk about true and everlasting love! An elderly man walks 12 miles roundtrip to the hospital to visit his ailing wife. His sacrifice and adoration for his wife has inspired hundreds to give back to him and his family!

98-year-old Luther Younger has been married to his wife, Waverlee, for over 50 years. The two have been side by side through thick and thin, including through Waverlee’s health battles. She is not only paralyzed, but has been fighting brain cancer since 2009. The cancer unfortunately has had her hospitalized for two weeks.

To be with his wife every day, Luther has made it a point to walk 12 miles to Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, NY, and back home, no matter the weather. Six miles there, and six miles back. Though he would probably be able to get more rides, he makes the sacrifice not only for Waverlee, but also for his own health. “You see, I’m not humped over like those guys out here—the old guys,” he said in an interview.

Though some drivers like Dan Bookhard have spotted him and driven him to the hospital at times, Luther would honestly walk across the state and back for his dear wife. “She’s the best cup of tea I ever had,” Luther told Spectrum News Rochester. “I ain’t nothing [without Waverlee].”

Luther’s daughter Lutheta also always offers to drive him to the hospital, but Luther is often a little impatient so he just walks. Instead, Lutheta started a GoFundMe page to help raise money for his rides along with her mother’s medical expenses. Already, it has raised over $30,000!

This story definitely made me smile today. A strong marriage really is about more than just emotions and love. It’s about commitment, sacrifice, and compromise. It’s about sticking with your spouse through all of the inevitable battles that will come. Prayers go out to Mrs. Waverlee Younger as she continues to fight this cancer!

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