Words of Wisdom: “All It Takes Is One Yes” -Lea Michele (VIDEO)

“Most of the greatest success I’ve had came from a door closing. That led me to something incredible.”

                                                              –Lea Michele

Lea Michele, best known for her stint on hit musical TV show Glee, had some very wise words that I definitely took to heart today!

In chatting with Cosmopolitan, the singer and actress admitted that if she hadn’t gotten rejected from her dream role in a Broadway production of West Side Story. She was absolutely heartbroken, but that door closing in her face led to her getting a starring role on Glee just a few weeks later, which went on for six seasons. After experiencing rejection after rejection in auditions, she made it! “All it takes is one yes,” Lea said. And I really believe that it’s the universe preparing you for the thing that is going to be the best thing for you in your life.”

I’m actually writing a deeper post about this, but isn’t this a lot of our own stories? We get so frustrated and doubtful after hearing no (or sometimes no response at all!) SO many times, whether it’s for jobs, loans, or, for writers like me, story pitches. It really makes you question whether or not your dream is ever going to come true. This right here was definitely something I needed to hear today! I hope it pushes y’all too to keep going after what’s meant for you.

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