Inspirational Jam: “You Say”-Lauren Daigle

“Am I more than just the sum of every high and low? Remind me once again just who I am because I need to know…”

I hope that this Inspirational Jam from Christian singer Lauren Daigle touches someone struggling with insecurities and other negative thoughts.

I heard “You Say” for the first while I watching a great clip from America’s Got Talent and began tearing up. The song is about how we can often criticize ourselves for our flaws but that God loves us all. I immediately thought of my 13-year-old cousin who is working on finding herself and her place in this world. She struggles with insecurities as many of us do. I know I do. I sent it to her and she said it made her day.

As a believer, I know that God loves me unconditionally but I struggle with insecurities about a lot. I often criticize everything about myself from my writing to my looks, which I’m working on but it’s a hard habit to break. This song is a reminder that even when I’m down on myself, I have God’s love, support, and strength. It’s also a reminder to me to pass those attributes on to others myself.

Watch the official video below.

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