Inspirational Jam: “Lose That Light”-Folly & The Hunter

“You can mourn but don’t let it take you out, 
Even if it gets hard. Even if it gets hard.”

I heard today’s Inspirational Jam on a show somewhere, I’m sure, but it’s a beautiful one that I want to share!

Indie-folk band Folly & The Hunter‘s track, “Lose That Light,” is an encouraging song for those feeling down and out after going through bad circumstances. Many of us have or are presently going through battles that nobody knows nothing about, and it affects everyone in different ways. I think it’s important, especially with people taking their lives over internal battles that they often kept hidden from a lot of people.

Please don’t lose yourself in temporary pain and heartache. Don’t allow your circumstances to take away the light and love you have to give. Reach out for help and encouragement from those you trust. If you need to, even call hotlines for help. Don’t suffer alone. I hope this song encourages someone today.

Watch the calming video below…

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