If you, your client, or your organization is helping to bring awareness to different issues, promoting self-esteem and love, or is working to make this world a better place in some way, reach out for a feature on Imperfectly B! Contact Brittany personally at Brittany@ImperfectlyB.com She would love to talk more about your work, and feature you on the site!

In the email, please include your name and location. An interview will be needed, either through phone or email. Also, please provide social media handles and two or three quality photographs for inclusion in your feature, as well as any pictures, audio links (no MP3s please), or video links of your work.


Inspirational music submissions are also to be sent to Brittany@ImperfectlyB.com. Please include details about the artist and song, as well as social media handles. ALL SUBMISSIONS ARE SUBJECT TO APPROVAL!

Due to the amount of requests and press releases received, please allow a length of time for response.

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