Today is Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and we continue to honor his work and legacy in civil rights. This #MondayMotivation quote from the late leader is a reminder that taking steps forward towards your goals or ideas matter, no matter how small they are.

The quote from Dr. King is pretty straightforward. It is a push to keep going, regardless if you are able to fly or run fast towards your big dreams or if you have to walk or crawl slowly. We get so caught up in getting there quickly instead of recognizing that each step forward is still progress that should be celebrated.

This quote is timely for me personally because today, I have relaunched ImperfectlyBShop.com (shop for inspirational t-shirts, hoodies, and more!), and am also working on some other life goals. It can be EXTREMELY frustrating moving so slowly, but I know I’ve come too far to quit because I’m not getting there fast enough. So I really needed this quote today.

Are you here with me? Let me remind you to not despise small beginnings. Celebrate your wins, no matter how small they may seem. Learn from the path that you’re currently on. Keep getting better. Keep moving forward.

Words Of Wisdom: “Just Don’t Quit”-Nipsey Hussle

Many have heard and are mourning the murder of rapper Nipsey Hussle. I didn’t listen to a lot of Nipsey’s music but I respected his hustle, intelligence, and the things I would always hear that he was doing for his community. I had planned to share this Words Of Wisdom clip from him in a few weeks, but I want to share it today in his memory. I hope this motivates someone today.

In this clip from an interview with radio host Big Boy, Nipsey talks about how he refused to quit on his goals, no matter his emotions. He kept going because he knew that he would ultimately reach the finish line. He even named his clothing line, The Marathon Clothing, because of that mentality. He didn’t give up doing what he loved and giving his all until the very end.

What separates those who make it and those who don’t is that the victors don’t give up. No matter how tough it gets. No matter how tired and frustrated you are. It really is a marathon. You have to pace yourself. Take short breaks when needed and continue the race. You may not reach the goal for a while, but you’ll definitely lose if you quit.

Watch Nipsey’s words of wisdom below. Thoughts and prayers go out to his family. RIP.

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It’s a marathon

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