Long-Lost Brothers Find Each Other Through Ancestry DNA And Discover Their Surprising Family History

Two long-lost brothers have finally found each other after getting results back from a DNA test!

20-year-old Kieron Graham was living with his adopted family in Marietta, Georgia. While he loved them dearly, he always had questions about his biological family. So for Christmas, his mom gave him a DNA test so he could dig into his history.

After getting his results, Kierson was surprised to find out that he actually had a biological brother. The 29-year-old’s name was Vincent Ghant, and a quick search on Facebook instantly connected the brothers!

What’s crazier is that Kieron and Vincent lived only 15 minutes away from each other this entire time. They both went to Kennesaw State University, and were even studying the same major: political science. “It was very surreal how much we looked alike,” Vincent told TODAY of their meeting. “It was amazing. We just stared at each other and we both were laughing, giggling, and crying,” Kieron added.

The two siblings now spend time together a few times a week and have gotten to know each other’s families. They all plan to spend Christmas together, and will take a family vacation to Florida later in the year!

But the good news just kept on coming! Ancestry DNA found out about this story and offered to fly them to Benin to meet their African ancestors. Though Vincent couldn’t make it, Kieron flew over and discovered the two were related to royalty: the King of the capital city of Benin! Talk about a life-changing experience!


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