Inspirational Jam: “Better Days”-Victoria Monét & Ariana Grande

“I’m praying for the people right outside our window hoping they find peace at night…”

This song by Victoria Monét and Ariana Grande really touches my heart and helps to uplift me when I’m feeling down. I hope that this Inspirational Jam does the same for you.

“Better Days” is a song of hope and encouragement to spread more love than hatred. I don’t have to tell y’all just how wild this world is, but I’m convinced that there is more love out there than hate. I’m not naive to think that all of the bad will disappear right now, but I’m hopeful that more and more people will come together over time. There can be more positive changes in the world if more of us commit to trying. Maybe that’s naive, but I’m optimistic. I pray for it and I’m working towards it.

This song also makes me grateful for those I have around me. When days are rough, I know I can depend on certain people to lift me up and vice versa. That’s a beautiful feeling.

So I hope this calming song uplifts you today, especially if you are going through some hard times right now. Listen to “Better Days” below!

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