Mother/Daughter Duo Launches First Magazine in the UK for Black Girls To Inspire Them

This is true hustle and purpose right here! A mom and daughter in the UK have created their own magazines, the firsts to celebrate black girls and boys in the region.

Serlina Boyd and her six-year-old daughter Faith noticed that publications that they picked up regularly lacked diversity. Faith wanted to read magazines as a part of her homeschooling lessons during the quarantine. However, she didn’t see people who looked like her.

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Inspirational Jam: “Power”-UK Rapper OneDa

“They need justification…all I need is self-affirmation. They forgot who they are frustrating. Living in fear creates new complications…”

I received a track from an agency about a day or so ago from a UK female rapper named OneDa and was very impressed with it.  Of course, I wanted to feature it on Imperfectly B as an Inspirational Jam!

Power” blends a trap beat with elements of vintage dub-reggae and has a powerful message behind it for listeners. “Power is all about the strength that comes from having full belief in yourself and your abilities. Trusting and knowing who you truly are and the lack of need for justification by society,” OneDa shared. Continue reading “Inspirational Jam: “Power”-UK Rapper OneDa”

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