Girl Opens Her Own Cupcake Stand to Raise Money for the Homeless

BentLee Martinez is another example of a great kid who saw a problem in her community and worked to do something about it!

Riding home from a family vacation, BentLee noticed several homeless people in a deserted area in downtown Boise. It broke the nine-year-old’s heart. So her mom, Stephanie Ford, asked her children what they should do to help. The kids offered up the suggestion of going to McDonald’s to get them some food.

The family bought 50 cheeseburgers to feed the homeless people and talked with them. But BentLee was already thinking of how she could help long-term. She had previously planned to start a cupcake stand to raise money for a family vacation to Disney World. Instead, she revamped that idea to raise money for the homeless in her community!

In the two months since she opened “Bam’s Bakery,” BentLee raised $800. Each week, she and Stephanie go shopping for toiletries, bottled water, clothing and juice boxes to help where they can.

In addition, Stephanie reached out to local social workers for support of an elderly couple who were not only homeless, but were badly injured. Not only were they able to get medical care, the social workers were able to find them a home. And it started with BentLee’s generous heart. “”I am pretty proud of her,” Stephanie shared with Inside Edition. “She is definitely an inspiration. It’s really weird to say, but she’s only 9 years old and she’s my role model.”

You can help contribute to BentLee’s cause on Facebook!

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