Words of Wisdom: “Don’t Let Success Jeopardize Your Soul”-Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey gave some sound advice to the graduating class at University of Houston back in 2015. He asked the grads a simple question: “What is success to you?

Some people are focused on getting money and making a better life for themselves. That’s success in their minds, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Some people think being a success is being a great parent, or to figure out a way to help others, or to be spiritually sound. For me, it’s a mix of things, including making money at what I love to do, but also being a better Christian, daughter, sister, and friend, and serving others in various capacities. We all have different ideas of success, and that’s fine, Matthew says. Our ideas of success might even change over time and that’s okay, too. 

But, in this short clip, Matthew dropped a powerful message. Whatever you go after, “Don’t choose anything that that will jeopardize your soul.” I definitely agreed. However you personally define success, just make sure you don’t lose your soul in the process of attaining it. Don’t lose who you are as a person chasing after a vision. Don’t sacrifice your character for an end goal. Remember who you are, and move towards or maybe even away from opportunities or situations accordingly.

Watch below!

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