Words of Wisdom: “Own Your Mistakes”-Salma Hayek

Words of wisdom that I’m sharing with you all today come from the amazing and talented Salma Hayek!

In an interview a few years back with Bystander Revolution, the actress dropped some serious gems, one of which I’m glad to have learned at a young age. Salma strongly advised us all to own our mistakes in life. Mistakes, after all, are how we learn and improve in our personal and professional lives!

Check out Salma’s advice below!

I’ve made A LOT of mistakes of my own over my short time on this earth. Some when it came to school. Some when it came to my writing career. A good bit in my personal life, too. We all do. We all mess up. We all miss the mark. We all are imperfect. And it’s okay…as long as you’re working to correct your mess ups.

For myself, some of my many struggles over the years included procrastination, grudges, and attitude problems—each of which led to a good deal of issues. With these struggles, I made a lot of mistakes in my work and relationships, and had to learn the hard way in order to improve. If I hadn’t have made some of the mistakes I did along my path, finally owned up to them, and worked to do better the next time, I would’ve continued to excuse bad behavior, inconsistent work, and terrible discipline. So I’m glad that I made the mistakes I did, and actually learned from them.

So own up to your faults, your screw ups, your mistakes in life. Like I said, we’re all imperfect. We can only strive to be better each day, learning and growing from each fault as time goes on.

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