It’s another Monday and it’s back to the grind! Hopefully this #MondayMotivation quote inspires you as you go throughout this week.

Rebecca Woodcock, founder of CakeHealth, shared this quote about how important it is to keep moving towards your goals! So often, we waste time with different things—procrastinating, comparing, feelings of not being good enough or not knowing enough, etc. All that ends up doing is taking away time from what we could be doing.

With whatever you know and whatever you have, move forward anyway! You can always pick up new things along the way, and change up your processes as you go. Shoot, I’m constantly reevaluating and learning how to do things better than I did before. But I’m still moving. I refuse to waste any time!

I want the same for you guys. Don’t let different ideas in your head or surrounding circumstances make you stop pursuing the goals that you have for yourself!