Good morning all! It’s back to the grind for many of us, so here’s some #MondayMotivation to get you through this week!

This quote from Aristotle is definitely one of my favorite quotes of all time. We truly are what we repeatedly do, so the only way to be successful is to make moves towards excellence consistently. Putting aside your distractions or procrastination in order to work towards your goals regularly. Taking the time to really learn your craft and get better at it as the days go by. Going above and beyond the minimum to be the best you can be. Repeatedly.  

Excellence is not just one win or one big achievement. It’s consistently working towards your goals every day. Keep grinding!

Monday Motivation 9-11


It’s Monday morning, and I’m glad to share this quote from John Lubbock to kick off the week. And it’s one I know I need to read regularly.

Worrying about whatever’s on your plate really does nothing to help your cause. In fact, it often just makes it work. That’s why this quote is so real. We worry about what could happen or what won’t happen, and that completely kills our energy. And often times, things end up working out in the long run anyway. So we waste all that time worrying for nothing. It’s exhausting, man.

So I’m trying to cut that down, but it takes work. And a LOT of faith and prayer. Commit this week to cut down the worrying over your future or whatever else is going on, and believe that better days are coming your way! 


It’s another Monday, but I’m ready for the week ahead. Are you? Here’s some #MondayMotivation from Confucius to kick off the week1

This quote can be used for pretty much anything along your journey. In building a career that you actually love. In working to better a relationship. In saving or investing. In starting your own business. We get so caught up in the time aspect, trying to get things done by a certain age. I thought certain things that are just starting to happen for me now would have happened a while ago, but everything happens when and how it’s supposed to. Not just how you want it all the time.

What Confucius said is really true. It doesn’t matter how slow you go or how long it takes to get there, as long as you don’t stop! All that matters is the ultimate result. You might be discouraged or want to quit, especially when things seem like they won’t work out. I know I wanted to settle (and still sometimes do). Here’s the thing, though. If you stop, you lose for sure. If you keep going, there’s a strong possibility of major things happening in your life, specifically when it comes to your purpose. Keep pushing through y’all!


Good morning y’all and Happy Monday! Here’s some #MondayMotivation to help kick off the week!

This quote from Nancy Hale is dedicated to self-care. Over the past few years, I’ve learned that it really is okay to be selfish, and look after yourself. It’s necessary to make yourself and your happiness a priority, no matter what others make think in your family, on the job, or around the neighborhood. Stretching yourself thin trying to take care of others, without really looking after yourself, does no one any good. Sometimes, you have to say no, and be perfectly fine with it. You have to look after yourself first, and then you can help other people.

So commit to that this week. I know I am. Take care of you!




Good morning everybody…happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend and are ready to get back to the grind. I know my weekend was relaxing but still productive. I’m in a good mood  had a good, productive weekend. I’m in a good mood today, and I’m determined to take that mood with me all week.

That’s why I wanted to share this quote from Willie Nelson from you all today. If this year has reminded me of anything, it’s that there is serious power in your tongue and in your thoughts. Your words and thoughts affect your actions which ultimately affects your RESULTS.

I struggled (and still somewhat do) with my thoughts especially. My negativity towards the slow moments in my life where I thought I should be further didn’t make my life any better. In fact, it made it worse. It was when I started thinking more optimistically about my future and trusting the timing of life that things started to change around for me. I was more focused and driven because I began to believe more confidently that I was going to reach the goals I had for myself this year.

That’s what I want for you guys. Hard as it may be, focus on the good in your life and believe in the greater good that’s coming! Focusing on the negative all the time only drains you and takes away your focus from doing what you need to do to get towards better results.

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