Words of Wisdom: Curiosity and Compassion Breeds Passion-Jay Shetty

Happy Wednesday! Halfway through the week…keep pushing!

I wanted to share these impactful Words of Wisdom from author and life coach Jay Shetty about the key things to discover your passion.

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You Don’t Have to B Big to B Great (“B” Series)



“A life of significance is about serving those who need your gifts, your leadership, and your purpose.”

I’ve opened up multiple times about the fact that I struggle with comparison. Many of us do, if we’re honest. It ultimately ends up hurting us because, based on other people’s highlight reels, we feel that nothing we achieved or are working towards is enough.

I know this but still I struggle. So much so, that I’ve had to delete and ignore social media at times, outside of scheduling posts for Imperfectly B (which, as a writer and rising microinfluencer, is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to do). I have obsessed over having the “right look” and content for my Instagram and website in my quest to snag sponsorship deals, as well as a good amount of engagement (likes, retweets, comments) across all platforms to be appealing. I wanted to be a big name in my field, thinking that it would mean I could reach more people, when really, it was about selfish ambition. I had to check myself.

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Words of Wisdom: “Stretch Into Your Purpose”-LeToya Luckett

I found this old Words of Wisdom video from singer LeToya Luckett a while back. For me, now is the perfect time to share.

In the Instagram videos below, LeToya discussed how we all have to be okay with stretching outside of our comfort zones in order to achieve our purposes in life. Higher heights require serious change. “Find peace in change. Find joy in it. And understand that everyone around you might not understand it. They might not like it, but that’s what comes with growth,” LeToya shared. Continue reading “Words of Wisdom: “Stretch Into Your Purpose”-LeToya Luckett”

Words of Wisdom: “Pursue What You Find Meaningful”-Jordan Peterson

This powerful Words of Wisdom clip from psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson is a must watch! It speaks to the importance of going after purpose and meaning in your daily life.

Some consider it a luxury to go after what you find meaningful or your true purpose in life, especially when it comes to jobs. We all have bills and responsibilities to take care of, so I get it. It’s easier said than done. But it’s like Jordan shares in this video. It’s a moral obligation to pursue something meaningful in this life.

I truly believe that you can live your purpose and sustain yourself because plenty of people have done it. I’m almost there myself. It involves a lot of perseverance, courage, and risk, but it’s riskier to me to be stagnant somewhere where you aren’t productive and fulfilled because you aren’t living your purpose. Trust me, I knew and HATED that feeling. I understand doing what you have to do to survive, but the ultimate goal should be to get to where you want to be to THRIVE.

Watch Jordan’s wise words below.


Rediscovering Purpose: Celebrating Two Years of Imperfectly B

Today marks two years of Imperfectly B and it’s truly hard to believe! For the past two years, I’ve been on this imperfect journey of self-love and growth, while attempting to uplift and motivate you all. I’m forever grateful for those of you who are reading, whether you’ve been around since day one or today’s your very first day.

I’ll be honest with you all, though. Over this last year, I’ve somewhat lost my way. I was focusing so much on making Imperfectly B a “brand” that I forgot my true reasons for starting this site. It was always to share positivity and to help people. It was supposed to be about more than myself.

But…my pockets though! *inserts crying emoji*

Anyone who runs their own blog or website, especially on WordPress, knows that it can be a nice hit to the pockets. Between domains, automatic social media posts, a business plan for WordPress to make its coins, an upcoming Shopify store, and other things, I spend a lot. So I was extremely focused on money making ideas, getting followers, and all of the branding stuff that comes with running any business.So focused that the original meaning behind this site fell by the wayside.

I say it every now and then but working on Imperfectly B was one thing that helped change my mentality and overall life. Two years ago, my headspace was all screwed up and my life reflected it. This site gave me something positive to focus on and helped to renew my spirit. It still does. I lost sight of that for a minute but, after reflection and prayer this year, I refocused on what the site should be.

I learned over this year that it was okay to monetize this site with my ideas (and I plan to), but money or clout or whatever else should never outweigh the PURPOSE. Focusing on all of that stuff will have you tempted to do things (in my case, sponsorships and collaborations) that not only doesn’t fall in line with your work but also your state of mind.

I’m not perfect and never will be. I’m constantly growing and learning to balance this site with my other projects and responsibilities. I’m grateful for the growth that this site has experienced, though. I pray that I continue to inspire and motivate you all with my words and videos as I do the same for myself. Thank you again for supporting!


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