Perfectly Imperfect

Today marks a new chapter for me. I officially put my entertainment blog, The Spotlight, to rest on March 31, and am starting the month of May with a new inspirational/lifestyle website. Taking a page out of my blogging idol Necole Kane‘s book, I guess, after she revamped her successful entertainment site, Necole Bitchie, to create an incredible new website, xo Necole, for women of color surrounding stories on life, love, career, travel, and more. A fresh (and more positive) start for her.

This new website, Imperfectly B, is that fresh start for me. I’m using this site to open up about my own thoughts and situations to hopefully help others who are going through circumstances in life and are close to giving up. As I shared a bit on my YouTube channel, I’m going to be sharing some tough lessons I had to learn the hard way over the past few years, and my own imperfections in this thing called life. I’m also going to write inspiring, feel good stories from the Internet for someone who needs encouragement, or just a smile or laugh for the day in this world filled with negativity. That’s what this site is going to be about. All good vibes. Continue reading “Perfectly Imperfect”

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