Vending Machine In Indiana Gives Clothes And Other Necessities To Homeless For Free

A new vending machine in Indiana is helping the homeless community as winter fastly approaches.

In Muncie, Indiana, a vending machine has been stocked with warm blankets and clothing for the city’s homeless community…for FREE. All any homeless person would have to do is register with local community services first. Then they will receive tokens for the vending machines that can be used to access the free goods. All of the items were donated by local residents. “We know that they are out there. Some are in shelters, some are in different living situations,” Karee Buffin with Bridges Community Services said in an interview. “We really want to use something like this to reach out to people. It does demonstrate that our community cares.” The machine is located right by the fire station in Muncie, where firefighters can also provide help if needed.

I’m hopeful that tokens are rationed properly so that there is no misuse of goods, but I think that this is a good idea. Random: I just wrote a story on some of the unique things that Japan has including their vending machines with all kinds of stuff from food to batteries and umbrellas. It got me thinking that we should have more machines like this with items for those in need in this country and throughout the world. Upon a little research, I found that there has actually been a program rolled out in the UK with vending machines with food and items for the homeless. Other areas in the States like NYC and Los Angeles are also piloting these types of machines. Muncie may not be the first town to offer a machine like this, but hopefully, it won’t be the last. With the proper system in place, I see it being a great thing for those in need.

Watch the news story below for more about this vending machine…



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