Words of Wisdom: “Face Your Challenges”-Josh Shipp

Hoping and praying that this Words of Wisdom clip from motivational speaker Josh Shipp resonates for y’all as it has for me.

Josh revealed that he was abandoned by his mom, a teen at the time of his birth, at the hospital. He became a ward of the state and bounced around from foster home to foster home. Josh was also molested as a kid and ran to food to cope, becoming obese and believing negative things that people said about him. However, he began to realize that he couldn’t run from the challenges he faced. In spite of fear and naysayers, he had to face his problems head-on to become the person that he wanted to be.

The same goes for all of us. We each have our own life story with different chapters of pain, hurt, disloyalty, etc. We can certainly wallow in it if we choose, but what good does that do? The only way to overcome is to stand tall and determine that we won’t let our past challenges drag us down. It’s a conscious decision to work through those issues (through therapy, reflection, etc.) to become better people each day.

Watch the clip below!

Words of Wisdom: “Expect To Win”-Eric Thomas

Eric Thomas, also known as ET The Hip Hop Preacher, goes all over the country to inspire people with his tough but real motivational speeches! He also records YouTube videos for subscribers as well.

I’ve heard of him before, but started really getting into his videos late last year, and I LOVE them! ET has no cut cards, and it’s his honest talks that have helped to push me to another level in my own life.

This one talks about expecting to win as you make moves towards the goals you have for yourself. I truly believe that what is meant for you is for you, and your dreams and goals will come to pass. When you expect to win, you move a little different. You keep working harder even when rough times come. You’re more determined to get ahead, knowing that your day is coming!

Press play, and watch ET go in below!

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