Words of Wisdom: “Face Your Challenges”-Josh Shipp

Hoping and praying that this Words of Wisdom clip from motivational speaker Josh Shipp resonates for y’all as it has for me.

Josh revealed that he was abandoned by his mom, a teen at the time of his birth, at the hospital. He became a ward of the state and bounced around from foster home to foster home. Josh was also molested as a kid and ran to food to cope, becoming obese and believing negative things that people said about him. However, he began to realize that he couldn’t run from the challenges he faced. In spite of fear and naysayers, he had to face his problems head-on to become the person that he wanted to be.

The same goes for all of us. We each have our own life story with different chapters of pain, hurt, disloyalty, etc. We can certainly wallow in it if we choose, but what good does that do? The only way to overcome is to stand tall and determine that we won’t let our past challenges drag us down. It’s a conscious decision to work through those issues (through therapy, reflection, etc.) to become better people each day.

Watch the clip below!

Words of Wisdom: “It’s Not Over Until You Win”-Les Brown

I love this Words of Wisdom clip from I hope it encourages y’all today.

In this older clip, Les recalled playing games of Connect Four with his son John-Leslie. Les beat his son for 10 straight games and finally called it quits, ready to go to bed. However, John-Leslie refused to let him until he finally won a game. Finally, John-Leslie beat his father in a game and was happy to go to sleep. He had the persistence and perseverance necessary to finally win.

No matter how big the dreams or how much work is put in, we all go through periods of loss, rejection, and setbacks. But are you willing to keep pushing forward when it gets rough? Are you willing to keep working on your goals even when it doesn’t seem like you’ll ever get there?

This is the attitude that I have. I don’t care how many challenges I face, setbacks and rejections that come up, and people who don’t support. I’m pressing on. I refuse to give up on myself and my goals. I’ve already achieved some great things and I’m working towards even more, no matter how hard it gets. How about you?

Watch Les’ inspiring video below!


Words of Wisdom: “Take Personal Responsibility For Your Circumstances”-Eric Thomas

So, if you’ve never watched a motivational video or heard a word from Eric Thomas, I strongly suggest you do so. This Words of Wisdom clip may be a harsh one but I’m hopeful that it will give somebody the push they need to start taking personal responsibility for themselves in their dreams.

In life, it’s easy to blame your circumstances on other people. I know because I’ve done it. When things weren’t going well for me, I blamed my job, my bosses, family, God, literally everybody around EXCEPT MYSELF. I never looked at what I was doing wrong and what I could do better to erase the challenges in my life. “Here’s where you know you have an ego problem. When you keep facing a challenge, year after year after year, and it’s not being resolved, it’s probably you,” Eric shared. In this clip, he speaks on the importance of taking personal responsibility for the role you play in your circumstances.


That was me from 2013 to around 2017 and I didn’t even realize it. This was one of the HARDEST lessons I had to learn. Instead of pointing the finger at others for why things weren’t going right in my life, I had to look inside myself. I had to be honest and see what I could be doing better or what I needed to give up to reach my highest potential instead of just pointing the finger. I hope y’all do the same.

Words of Wisdom: “Forgive and Let Things Go”-Gaur Gopal Das

I pray that these Words of Wisdom from lifestyle coach and motivational speaker Gaur Gopal Das help someone struggling with forgiveness.

In this clip, Gaur describes his relationship with his father and how they didn’t speak for two years due to a disagreement. One day, his father begged for them to speak again, and his mother asked the same. Simply because his mother asked, Gaur somewhat repaired the relationship, but he never really apologized for not speaking to his dad for so long.

Some years later, his father passed away, and Gaur tearfully apologized at his funeral. It was a reminder of how important forgiveness and apologies are to relationships so that there are no regrets. Gaur wished he had fully let things go instead of letting his ego ruin the experiences he could have had with his dad. He encouraged others to not follow his example in the clip below.

There is one person in my life that I thought of when I saw this video. I harbored such resentment and grudges towards that person until one day I said, “No more.” I quietly forgave that person for any wrongs that I felt were done to me and apologized for anything that I had done. I let go of my grudges and felt free. Now, I have a much better (though still imperfect) relationship with that person.

“You cannot take a chance to mess up the most amazing experiences of love just because something happened,” Gaur shared. Forgiveness when someone has hurt you and being able to apologize when you’ve done the hurting are two huge signs of personal growth. Forgiveness brings peace so that you are able to move on with your own life and possibly have better relationships with those around you. Easier said than done but I’ve slowly been working on it.

#GreatRead: “The Motivation Manifesto”-Brendon Burchard

“Every human has a natural inclination to ascend to higher planes of existence, but it rests upon each of us to match that inclination with real initiative.”

I forgot how I discovered this book, but I’m so glad I did. Author and motivational speaker Brendon Burchard‘s book, The Motivation Manifesto: 9 Declarations to Claim Your Personal Power, kicked my 2018 off in high fashion and forced me to take a real hard look at myself and what I could do better to make this year great.

In the book, Brendon speaks on how we all desire to reach personal freedom—living freely by crafting a life on our own terms. But a bunch of things hold us back. And the craziest thing is that most of those things are in OUR control. One, so many people don’t actually know their life purpose yet (though you can definitely start figuring it out!). So they lack a lot of motivation to get moving because they don’t have anything really to move towards. Others of us, we make plans and have good intentions to do great things, and never back them up with actions. We lose ourselves in ingratitude and bitterness. We become slaves to worry and fear, instead of moving forward with boldness. Brendon calls readers out on all of it in this book, and encourages us to make declarations to be better and realize our power! 

Check out Brendon talking more about the book below!

Throughout the book, Brendon uses practical philosophy and wisdom to push readers to get in better control of our lives, and there are SO many gems. The Motivation Manifesto shares Brendon’s thoughts on reaching this “Personal Freedom,” in all aspects (freedom in time, your finances, your emotions, etc.). What stands in the way is often two things: social oppression from outside people looking in or our own self-oppression caused by our doubts and fears. 

I loved that the book provides practical tools and examples for how to stay motivated and how to not let others or even your own self hold you back. Some things I already knew and some things I learned to think of in a new way, like creating my own manifesto of sorts of what I want my life and legacy to ultimately be, and how I plan to get there.

There’s way too much goodness to truly share in one blog post, to be honest, but you can check this book out for yourself. I got this book here basically for free, only having to pay $7 for shipping and handling. It’s only available while supplies last, so get your copy now! 

Once you’ve read (or if you’ve read it already), let me know what you think about it in the comments!

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