#MustWatch: Michelle Obama Talks ‘Becoming’ In New Netflix Documentary

I was able to watch Becoming, a Netflix documentary featuring former (but more like forever) First Lady Michelle Obama while on tour promoting her book of the same name. The documentary was directed by Nadia Hallgren and was made by Mrs. Obama and President Barack Obama’s Higher Ground Productions, which currently has an exclusive deal with Netflix 

I, like a good chunk of the world,  have read Mrs. Obama’s book. I also had the opportunity to see her on her Becoming tour during her first night in DC (A DREAM!). If you’ve read the memoir, the documentary is a visual, condensed version of that but also includes footage from some of the tour stops (including the show I went to!), as well as community events, intimate moments with her family and staff, and more. 

I’ve already read mixed reviews from news outlets, but I don’t really care. I found it to be a good documentary to inspire and motivate, especially in these crazy times we’re living in right now. And you know me. I always love finding takeaways to share with you all.

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Words of Wisdom: “Practice Who You Want to Be”-Michelle Obama

These Words of Wisdom from my forever First Lady Michelle Obama puts things into perspective when it comes to our daily habits impacting us longterm.

While at an event, First Lady Obama mentions that she tells her daughters Malia and Sasha that they are practicing who they are going to be in the long term every single day. It starts with our daily choices. If we slack off and procrastinate all of the time, we’ll more than likely live that way as we get older. If we are dependable and trustworthy to others now, then we will continue to make a conscious effort to remain that way.

Yes, we all have the capacity to change and become better but our habits follow us—good or bad. That’s whether we’re neat or messy. If we like to be on time or if we’re notoriously late. If we go above and beyond with our tasks or if we do the bare minimum to slide by. If we complain and whine or take accountability for ourselves. Every day, we are practicing who we will be with the decisions we make. So what type of person do you want to be and what will you change or do to get there?

Watch First Lady Obama’s wise words below!


Michelle Obama and Ellen DeGeneres Give Huge Gifts To DC Elementary School

I absolutely love my forever First Lady Michelle Obama and Ellen DeGeneres! The two, in partnership with Apple, recently gave back to an elementary school in DC with some much-needed school supplies!

In a special trip to Randle Highlands Elementary School in Southeast, Washington, D.C., First Lady Obama shared more about the school and its students and staff Principal Kristie Edwards revealed that a majority of the students are in the foster care system or are homeless. However, without missing a beat, she and the teachers work to provide these kids love, a safe space, and the quality education they need and deserve. They also provide other services like school supplies, free lunch, a garden, and a washer and dryer at the school if children need clean clothes.

Through Ellen’s Greatest Night of Giveaways, Mrs. Obama surprised the principal and teachers with $100,000 for whatever supplies they need. The school also received a new basketball court, new Apple computers and laptops for their computer lab, and new iPads for ALL 350 STUDENTS!!!! What?!

I used to pass by this school all the time to get to church or my grandmother’s house not too far away. I would hear about the great work happening there and how these teachers are working to empower these young people. I’m so happy to see them receiving this huge Christmas blessing!

Watch the beautiful video below.

Words of Wisdom: “Overcoming Adversity Is an Advantage”-Michelle Obama

For this week’s Words of Wisdom, I had to share this video clip of my forever First Lady, Michelle Obama!

During her last commencement speech as the official First Lady at City College of New York, Miss Michelle offered some powerful words to the graduates. She let them know that overcoming challenges and adversity in their lives actually serves as a major advantage in life.

Working through challenges ultimately builds up your character and perseverance. It gives you strength and equips you to handle disappointment and failures. You develop “the resilience and the maturity that you needs to pick yourself up and dust yourself off and keep moving through the pain,” First Lady Michelle declared.

Watch the inspiring video below!

I know this for myself because I was on the opposite end. Outside of some small things in high school, I hadn’t faced much adversity until college. I’m a tough chick, so I wouldn’t say I completely fall apart, but certain things took me for a bit of a whirlwind. But, over the years, I got a whole lot stronger, able to withstand challenges and problems that came my way.

I hope that you have or are building your own strength and perseverance so that you are able to push through any obstacles that come in your life!

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