Words of Wisdom: “Pursue What You Find Meaningful”-Jordan Peterson

This powerful Words of Wisdom clip from psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson is a must watch! It speaks to the importance of going after purpose and meaning in your daily life.

Some consider it a luxury to go after what you find meaningful or your true purpose in life, especially when it comes to jobs. We all have bills and responsibilities to take care of, so I get it. It’s easier said than done. But it’s like Jordan shares in this video. It’s a moral obligation to pursue something meaningful in this life.

I truly believe that you can live your purpose and sustain yourself because plenty of people have done it. I’m almost there myself. It involves a lot of perseverance, courage, and risk, but it’s riskier to me to be stagnant somewhere where you aren’t productive and fulfilled because you aren’t living your purpose. Trust me, I knew and HATED that feeling. I understand doing what you have to do to survive, but the ultimate goal should be to get to where you want to be to THRIVE.

Watch Jordan’s wise words below.


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