Words of Wisdom: “Focus on the Solutions, Not the Problems”-Mat Wilson

These Words of Wisdom from entrepreneur Mat Wilson shares a tough but necessary lesson about the obstacles we face.

In the clip from Instagram, Mat talks about the importance of focusing on the solutions to your problems instead of griping about what’s wrong. I first learned this idea at my first 9-5 honestly. My job often requires putting out fires that others don’t even know about. I learned that, instead of only presenting my supervisor with the problem at hand, I needed to be able to offer an idea for my solution. It’s easy to complain or voice your concerns about an issue. What’s not easy is attempting to come up with an answer for it.

Take a listen to Mat’s advice in the video below!


I had to apply that mentality to my own life. While I think that it’s okay to feel your emotions and everyone handles things differently, it’s not okay to wallow it forever. There are people out there who genuinely suffer with depression…and then there are those who, let’s be honest, would rather cry and complain about a situation then do anything about it. ESPECIALLY when you have other people to complain right alongside you. I know this for myself because I used to be the same way

So what are you going to do about the problems you’re facing. I know I’m focused on tackling mine. How about you?

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