Father Bikes Over 1,400 Miles To Hear His Deceased Daughter’s Heartbeat

Five months ago, father Bill Conner had to do the unimaginable—say goodbye to his 20-year-old daughter Abbey. Abbey had passed away over winter break in Cancun, suffering irreversible brain injury after being found unconscious in a resort pool.

However, Abbey still lived on, as she donated her organs to give others life. One of those people included 21-year-old Loumouth Jack, Jr. who had a heart attack at his young age. His heart was going into failure…and then came Abbey’s heart. Overall, Abbey donated four organs, allowing four males, ages 20 to 60, to live. She also donated her eyes and other tissues.

Bill Conner Daughter Abbey Son Austin
Bill, Abbey, and his son Austin (GoFundMe)

So, in honor of Abbey, Bill decided to bike over 2,600 miles from his hometown of Madison, Wisconsin, to Broward Health Medical Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the hospital that recovered Abbey’s organs for donation back in January. The center reached out to all of the recipients to see if they would like to meet Abbey’s father while he was on the journey. However, only Loumonth responded.

On May 22, Bill took off on his bike for a cross-country ride, riding 1,400 to meet Loumonth in Baton Rouge, LA and hear his daughter’s heartbeat. The touching moment had my big crybaby self SOBBING!

Watch the two meet below…

Abbey may have passed on, but her selfless sacrifice will never be forgotten!

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