Inspirational Jam: “Living My Life”-Ashanti

Hoping you all are uplifted by today’s Inspirational Jam!

On Ashanti‘s “Living My Life,” she reminisces about the hard times that came when she was trying to make it in her career. It certainly wasn’t easy, and she had a lot of doubters. Still probably does, but now she is at the place where she wants to be, and is enjoying her life.

I know the message of Ashanti’s song all too well. It’s encouraging because life is tough. Some days you think you have things together or that it’s all going to be alright. Other days, you don’t know what in the world is going on or where you’re going to end up. Slowly but surely though, things tend to work themselves out. Hope this song gives you some good vibes today. It is for me!

Take a listen to the song below…


Ugh. I know I work on a positive blog, but I’d be lying to y’all if I said every day is a great one. I can get easily irritated and the smallest things can blow my entire day if I let them. That’s why I have to keep this #MondayMotivation quote in mind.

Every day isn’t good, no (ESPECIALLY Mondays). BUT there is typically at least one good thing from every day. Good and funny talks with co-workers. A positive result from a task you’ve been working hard on. A pleasant interaction with clients. The beautiful weather outside. Shoot, the simple fact that you woke up is good. It’s not easy at all, but try to find something good in each day, even if that day isn’t the greatest. It’ll give you something to be happy about and grateful for.

Inspirational Jam: “Lose That Light”-Folly & The Hunter

“You can mourn but don’t let it take you out, 
Even if it gets hard. Even if it gets hard.”

I heard today’s Inspirational Jam on a show somewhere, I’m sure, but it’s a beautiful one that I want to share!

Indie-folk band Folly & The Hunter‘s track, “Lose That Light,” is an encouraging song for those feeling down and out after going through bad circumstances. Many of us have or are presently going through battles that nobody knows nothing about, and it affects everyone in different ways. I think it’s important, especially with people taking their lives over internal battles that they often kept hidden from a lot of people.

Please don’t lose yourself in temporary pain and heartache. Don’t allow your circumstances to take away the light and love you have to give. Reach out for help and encouragement from those you trust. If you need to, even call hotlines for help. Don’t suffer alone. I hope this song encourages someone today.

Watch the calming video below…

Words of Wisdom: “Stop Wasting Time”-Dr. Jordan Peterson

This Words of Wisdom video today comes from Dr. Jordan Peterson, a clinical psychologist and professor of psychology at the University of Toronto. In the clip, he speaks to students about on time and why it’s so important to stop wasting it. He asks them to think about how much they would be able to accomplish if they made the most of their time instead of letting it fall by the wayside.

I’m so guilty of this! I’m guilty of using most of my weekend chilling and recuperating from the week instead of buckling down to work on my side hustles. I’m guilty of binging shows on Netflix when I could be batching content for this site. I’m guilty of wasting time.

Let’s dream a little bit for a second. Imagine what your life would be like if you stopped procrastinating so much or if you stopped making excuses. Imagine where you could be if you stopped wasting so much time watching TV, on social media, or doing whatever else instead of focusing on your craft. Imagine if you genuinely gave your all to your gifts, passions, and goals.

Watch Dr. Peterson speak below…



This #MondayMotivation quote hit me right upside the head. Hard.

Everyone loves the hustle when they’re working on things that they’re passionate about. I know, most days, I love creating new content for myself and other clients. But it’s the other things that help to get me ahead that I don’t always like. It’s having to work another full-time job to pay the bills. It’s having to face potential rejection to promote my brand to put myself out there. It’s having to sacrifice time and energy to do things to grow in my writing career. But it’s all a part of the hustle. The parts that you like AND the parts that you don’t.

Getting ahead isn’t all peaches and cream. I’m sure you know that by now. But doing the things you love AND the things you don’t are what’s going to help you to move forward towards your goals. That’s true hustle.


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