This #MondayMotivation quote from author and poet Ella Wheeler Wilcox hit home for me today.

I try my best to be kind and helpful where I can and have been working on my attitude and intentions behind them. I attempt to create positive content for people to read to change their mindsets or uplift them in some way. All of it is with the message of this quote in mind. What you do and even say truly has the potential to impact and change the course of someone’s life, even if you don’t ever personally see it.

However, just like you can sow good seeds, your deeds and words can sow bad seeds as well. This quote is just a reminder that what you do affects those around you more than you think. Be mindful of the energy, words, and actions you are putting out towards others each day. It truly could make a difference—for better or for worse.

Words of Wisdom: “Everything Happens At The Right Time”-Jay Shetty

I love these Words of Wisdom from inspirational speaker Jay Shetty!

In this clip, he shares the fundamental truth that everything happens at the right time! “I know people who never went to university, but found what they love at 18,” Jay shared. “I know people who found a job straight out of college making decent money but hate what they do. Everything in life happens at our time, our clock.”

I was so sure of what I wanted to do at 18—be an entertainment reporter. I wanted to interview upcoming artists and celebrities and reporting on entertainment news. I did, for a while, and still dabble a bit. However, that didn’t happen full-time and my focus changed in late 2016 when I felt led to start this site. Though I’m starting to have a better sense of what I want now, I’m still not completely sure where I’m going to end up. Life often takes you for a loop.

We get so caught up on our timeline and our plans, but life often takes us in a completely different direction. And it’s okay. Because even if it wasn’t exactly what we planned, most times it turns out being exactly what we needed at that exact time. In my experience, it also turns out to be a lot better too!


I need this #MondayMotivation quote for my desk! I know this story all too well.

When I first graduated from college, I had a big head. A subtle one, but a big head nonetheless. Rightfully so, I was feeling myself for getting my degree with honors just like I promised myself I would when I was a sophomore in high school. But I let my college success make me entitled. I didn’t continue to work as hard as I should’ve, believing that simply my degree and past work would get the job done. It kind of did but didn’t at the same time.

I slacked off because my past successes got to my head. That ultimately led to so much failure on both a professional and personal part, which played with my emotions for years because I refused to let go. I had to learn for one, to be better and not bitter about my life’s direction, and also that both success and failure are fleeting. As quick as they come, that’s as quick as they go. While I’m proud of myself for my wins, I can’t harp on them too long. I have to be on to the next. And, while I still fail on a pretty regular basis, I’ve finally learned to accept my mistakes and grow from them, rather than be miserable about them.

You honestly need the right amounts of both success and failure to make it with a level head, but you can’t hold on to either of them for too long. Doing that will ultimately hurt you. Hopefully, you learn from my screw ups!

Inspirational Jam: “One Step At A Time”-Jordin Sparks

“You believe and you doubt…you’re confused and got it all figured out.
Everything that you’ve always wished for could be yours, should be yours, would be yours.
If they only knew…”

This Inspirational Jam from Jordin Sparks is for all of those struggling to be patient on the path to their dreams!

On Jordin’s throwback track, “One Step At A Time,” she sings to those who are feeling discouraged as they work towards their goals. Obviously, the road to success is not perfect, and there are a lot of struggles along the way. You get knocked down and rejected plenty of times along the way. You can easily quit, but quitting gets you nowhere. Persevering will get you to the place that you’re meant to be.

I’ve gone through enough to know that your delay is by no means a complete denial. You just have to be patient and take things one step at a time.

Watch the official video below!

Words of Wisdom: “Execute Your Dreams”-will.i.am

I hope these Words of Wisdom from will.i.am give you some motivation today!

In this clip of a previous interview, the talented musician laid out how the pursuit of his dream was by no means easy. His mother pressured him to get a job, but he knew in his gut that music was his job. He didn’t know when, but he knew that he would be a famous artist one day. will.i.am realized though, that he had to work hard for his dream in spite of what may have been going on around him. Most of his energy didn’t go into bad situations going down; he used his energy towards his work. He knew he couldn’t just dream or plan…he had to truly execute in order to get to where he wanted to be. And look at him now!

Some of us know deep down in our hearts what we’re meant to do in this life, and I say keep working at it! Even if you don’t know how exactly things are going to pan out. That’s what I’ve done and still am doing. You’d be surprised how quickly opportunities can come and how fast doors open. But they’ll pass you by if you aren’t putting in the work for your dream!

Watch the clip below!

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