Inspirational Jam: “Never Back Down”-DEVMO

“If you think you are a champion, don’t talk about it, just prove it…”

Definitely had to share this track from musical artist DEVMO. Her work has been heard on multiple shows like “The Kardashians,” “Jersey Shore,” “All-American” (which I think is where I may have first heard this track!), and “Perfect Match” on Netflix. This song “Never Back Down” is one of my favorite songs right now!

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Words of Wisdom: “Tap Into Your Warrior Spirit”-Viola Davis

It’s officially March and it’s Women’s History Month! While I feel I balance out Words of Wisdom and quotes from a variety of people on Imperfectly B, for this month in particular, I try to highlight thoughts from powerful and inspiring women. So let’s start with one of my favorite actresses and creatives of all time: Viola Davis.

In addition to her acting, I truly love hearing Viola speak because she’s not only entertaining but very poignant with her words. So I wanted to share a clip from her today.

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Another Monday…the last Monday of February 2023. This quote from Serena Williams is definitely a great #MondayMotivation quote for us all this week. I hope it encourages you.

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As we kick off another week, I’m sharing some #MondayMotivation from the late, great Muhammad Ali. Hopefully, it encourages someone to take some necessary risks to make strides in life.

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