Hello 30!: Five Key Lessons That My Twenties Taught Me

Y’all, I’M OFFICIALLY THIRTY YEARS OLD TODAY. I know a lot of people dread leaving their twenties behind, but I’m actually looking forward to what’s ahead. I am truly in a place where I’m 30, flirty, and thriving, and I’m loving it. Granted, I’ve only been 30 for a few hours at this point but whatever. I feel good!

In celebration of this big milestone, I was going to do 30 lessons I’m taking with me from my twenties, which I definitely have, but nah. Y’all are getting these five major lessons from me that I’m taking into this new phase of my life! I hope and pray that they help you.

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You Don’t Have to B Big to B Great (“B” Series)



“A life of significance is about serving those who need your gifts, your leadership, and your purpose.”

I’ve opened up multiple times about the fact that I struggle with comparison. Many of us do, if we’re honest. It ultimately ends up hurting us because, based on other people’s highlight reels, we feel that nothing we achieved or are working towards is enough.

I know this but still I struggle. So much so, that I’ve had to delete and ignore social media at times, outside of scheduling posts for Imperfectly B (which, as a writer and rising microinfluencer, is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to do). I have obsessed over having the “right look” and content for my Instagram and website in my quest to snag sponsorship deals, as well as a good amount of engagement (likes, retweets, comments) across all platforms to be appealing. I wanted to be a big name in my field, thinking that it would mean I could reach more people, when really, it was about selfish ambition. I had to check myself.

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Appreciate the Little Things

Like most of us, Mondays are rarely easy or calm for me. There’s always a lot of work to do—paper to push at my 9-5 and writing to do for my freelance life. It was a pretty productive day, but on my way home from work, I was too through. And there was still more work that I needed to do.

Then I saw my baby Christmas tree I bought this weekend. I put on the star and the lights, but hadn’t gotten around to my favorite part: the ornaments! I sat there, listening to Christmas music and strategically placing each one. I mean, really having fun with it! And, afterwards, I decided to take some me time that night, and do nothing but watch cheesy Christmas romance movies on Lifetime.

I don’t know…it gave me some much needed positivity that night. It soothed my spirit, but also reminded me of so much that I have to be grateful for and to appreciate. One, I have my own little baby tree…in my own place…which I so desperately prayed and worked for this year. It’s a serious blessing, and I’m doing all right on my own so far! But that forced me to admit again that, two, my 9-5 pays a good majority of my bills. So, even though it’s not my cup of tea, I should be grateful that I even have it in this crazy country of ours. Three, Christmas is coming! I’ll spend more time with my family, eat some more good food, and get to see my little cousin’s face light up when she opens her gifts.

And that all came from seeing and decorating my little Christmas tree. It may be corny or whatever, but something that small really made me open my eyes to all that I have, and also hopeful for what is to come. By the grace of God, I’ve done a lot at 27 years old, which I constantly have to remind isn’t that old, and I still have more ahead of me.

So I write this little corny post to remind you all to take some time to appreciate the little things in your life. We get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, that the small but good things often go unnoticed. Take some time to enjoy the little things, like decorating your Christmas tree and singing your heart out to some great holiday music! You’ll feel a lot better!

Words of Wisdom: “Stand Back Up After You Fall Down”-Lindsey Stirling

These Words of Wisdom from performance artist Lindsey Stirling are no small thing. I share this video today specifically for those who keep getting hit with rejection and negativity, or feel overlooked in spite of their gift.

Lindsey knows that tune all too well. After taking her own gift and passion for dancing while playing the violin to America’s Got Talent in 2010, she wasn’t appreciated by the judges at first. In fact, Piers Morgan (a former judge on the show) said she sounded like rats being strangled! The nerve! I’m sure she’s heard some jacked up stuff before regarding her talent too.

After those mean comments, it took a lot for Lindsey to get to the stage, but she got there. “I had to pick myself up, and I think anybody that succeeds has had to do that. Not just once, but multiple, multiple times,” Lindsey shared. And now this girl has a thriving YouTube channel with millions of dedicated viewers, has toured all over the world with her unique gift, has her own documentary, and is on Dancing with the Stars this season!

Watch her encouraging words below…

Me personally, I go through periods of self-doubt after multiple rejections or no responses regarding new opportunities and pitches. Had a moment yesterday, matter of fact. We all do. A lot of us have heard negative comments about what we want to do, having to face doubters who don’t get our vision (side note: it’s not their job to). Yet and still, enough negative feedback can hurt, and make you doubt what it is you want to do.

We all have those moments where we fall down, or where we want to quit and settle for something less than we deserve. I GET IT. It’s okay to doubt yourself for a little bit. It’s okay to cry. It’s okay to wallow for a minute (trust, I had the ugliest cry in my car yesterday…I’m not judging). What’s not okay is to give up. Give yourself a minute to hurt a little bit, but then settle your nerves, stand on up and press on anyway!

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