Hoping that today’s #MondayMotivation from actor Leonardo DiCaprio pushes you to be greater today and every day!

I’ll be honest. The past few weeks have been a little rough. Just very busy with a lot to do and I was mentally and physically drained. Any free time I had was carved out for Netflix and sleep. I had no energy to do much else. And Imperfectly B fell by the wayside.

In looking at this quote, I remembered that this life was I asked and prayed for. I prayed for a new job that would be fulfilling and challenging. I prayed that my writing career would take off to a new level. And it’s all happening now. BUT it requires a different me. It requires a tougher, more dedicated me. It requires pushing through, even on the days when I’m over it. So I’ll have to squeeze in a short power nap, turn off my wonderful Netflix, and get back on track.

New levels in your life require a better and stronger you. Even the energy and work you gave before might not be enough. So when you get that new job, or your side gig starts taking off, it’s time for self-evaluation. Ask yourself, “What is currently working for me and what can I be doing better? How can I be more efficient and consistent?” Once you discover those answers, work to apply those changes to your habits and patterns.

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