#GreatRead: “The Power Playbook”- La La Anthony

“Power is the strength to face the things you may be afraid to do and then doing them anyway. Power is no regrets. Power is pushing forward. Power is making the tough choices in your life, and even if you fall or fail, having power allows you to get back up and try again.” —La La Anthony

Long before her stint on Starz’ Power, La La Anthony was a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment business. I grew up watching her co-hosting MTV’s TRL and hosting other shows, as well as starring in movies and TV shows. On the interviewing side, I loved her classy interviewing style, while still managing to keep control during shows. So, of course, when I heard she was coming out with a book detailing rules to success, I had to order it.

La La’s The Power Playbook: Rules for Independence, Money, and Success, offers a lot of great advice in finding success in your career, finances, and overall life. Looking at my Amazon history, I bought this book three days after it came out, and I finally picked it up to read three years later. I’m a mess, I know. BUT, once I did start reading it, I couldn’t put it down.

Many people want to feel a sense of power in their professional and personal lives. It doesn’t even necessarily have to be in terms of a supervisory role, but just having control of your own world and being able to execute your own vision for your life. That can be working your way up the ladder at a 9-5 or starting your own business. That can be having a set game plan for your family. It can also be (and honestly should be) having a good work-life balance. Having a better handle on your life is powerful.  In order to have that power, though, you have to not only know what you want but be willing to go after it with full force.

In the book, La La speaks on how she had to figure out what she really wanted for her life and move with purpose. She saw her worth professionally and began grinding even harder and asking for what she wanted. Where she saw she needed practice (like with acting), she put in extra time behind the scenes.  She made necessary changes to progress professionally, and it paid off. Over the past few years, she’s not only been acting, she started her own cosmetic line, she had her own reality show, and she wrote her very first book, The Love Playbook. She’s a busy lady!

However, she also wrote about the importance of still putting herself first. She needed balance before she ran herself into the ground. So, she began exercising and eating better, taking her life into account first. Because if she wasn’t okay, her family nor her career would be. “If you don’t put yourself first, you cannot build a solid foundation for your life,” La La stated. She also spoke out on being gracious to others, no matter how much power or clout you have, as well as being grateful for the life and blessings you have.

I really liked this book and liked reading more about La La’s rise in the entertainment business. I always respected the way she moved in the industry, so getting these tips from her in The Power Playbook was inspiring. I encourage you all to pick up your own copy of this great read!

Words of Wisdom: “Some People Have an Expiration Date”-La La Anthony

Definitely had to share these Words of Wisdom from La La Anthony today1

In an interview, the actress and TV host admitted a strong truth that some of us know but don’t always apply. “A lot of us don’t realize that there are people in our lives that come with an expiration date,” La La stated. “Everyone’s not meant to be in our lives forever.” 

And it’s real. Everybody who started off with you aren’t going to (and may not deserve to) continue with you on your journey. Not everyone’s ready. Not everyone’s worthy. And you have to know who to cut off and when.

Check out La La’s wise words below!


[ctt template=”9″ link=”97hpq” via=”no” ]Everybody who started off with you aren’t going to (and may not deserve to) continue with you on your journey.[/ctt]

Y’all already know that I stress quality over quantity when it comes to the people in my life. That’s why my circle is so small. It’s not always the easiest thing to do to let people go, but it’s gotten easier to peep who’s for me and who’s really not. I have nothing against those who aren’t really in my corner, but there was no point in keeping “fair-weather” friends around. I’m going to higher heights, and I only want great people around me. 

Like I’ve said previously, who you invite and keep in your space is ALL. YOUR. CHOICE. You can’t keep complaining about all the negativity a person is bringing into your life, and about how they’re always dragging you down…when you’re the one allowing them to stay! As we get ready to go into a new year, it’s time to re-evaluate who needs to be in your circle, and who you need to let go of. 

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