Words of Wisdom: “You Deserve Nothing You Didn’t Work To Create”-KevOnStage

When I tell y’all, I FELT this Words of Wisdom clip from comedian KevOnStage. I just had to share it with you guys.

KevOnStage first shared this video a couple of years ago and reposted it recently. In the clip, he talks about how people can be entitled and feel that they deserve more than they’ve actually worked for. As a comedian, he has put YEARS into his craft and has just recently become popular in the past few years. Yes, sometimes people blow up overnight, but often people who seemingly have risen up out of nowhere have put in major work behind the scenes for a long time to get there. You deserve what you’ve really worked to make happen. It’s not just going to fall in your lap because you’ve been working at it for a short time.

It’s a real sentiment. You deserve nothing that you didn’t put in the work to create. AND, even with your hard work and sacrifices, it doesn’t mean that things will pan out for you right away. I’m a living witness to that. I’ve been writing for YEARS. Literally since college, so it’s been a little over a decade. I’m just now getting new and better opportunities. And I still have a ways to go. It all takes time, persistence, perseverance, and GRIND.

Check out Kev’s words below!


Words of Wisdom: “Do It Anyway”-KevOnStage

Love these Words of Wisdom from one of my favorite comedians, KevOnStage. Definitely a message that I needed to hear this week. I hope it inspires you to continue to work on your life vision, no matter who has the same one.

In the clip, Kev calls himself going off on his Instagram followers, pushing them to work on their goals even if other people are doing the same thing. I know I have sometimes gotten discouraged or didn’t want to do something because I see other people doing it. But so what? We really can all eat!

“Stop counting yourself out of the game before you even get started because everybody doing something!” Kev exclaimed. There are plenty of bloggers, comedians, entrepreneurs, artists, etc., etc., but none of them are you. None of them have your exact experiences and creativity. We all have something to offer, so why count yourself out? Give yourself a chance!

Watch Kev’s wise words below!


Words of Wisdom: “Start Before You’re Ready”-KevOnStage

Comedian KevOnStage always brings the laughs, but he’s actually pretty wise too and shares inspirational messages with his fans across the globe. Definitely had to share these powerful Words of Wisdom today for you guys and for myself.

In a video a while back, Kev opened up about his recent workout session with his trainer. While Kev was gassed out and in need of a break, his trainer gave him another exercise to do. “Start before you’re ready,” the trainer said. “Don’t wait until your body tells you it’s ready.” That can apply to more than fitness; that’s a real message for your regular life!

A lot of times, we wait for everything to be aligned. The money has to be just right. The timing has to be just right. You have to have all this knowledge and have it all down pat. Now, I do believe in being somewhat prepared for what you want to do. However, I’ve already told y’all that the “perfect” time to work on your dream will NEVER come. Some things you have to just learn along the way. You may make mistakes, but at least you’re moving. “Stop holding yourself back from doing what you really want to do because everything is not perfectly aligned,” Kevin stated. Another real statement that Kevin shared is that often waiting on the right moment is just an excuse for us to not get started.

MAN. This video really spoke to me today. Watch below..


LOL: KevOnStage Is Me When It Comes to Liking All Types of Music

Comedian KevOnStage just hit the nail on the head when it comes to liking all kinds of music…and I mean ALL kinds!

For those of y’all who don’t know him, Kev regularly gives his hilarious take on real life topics like, church, music, and relationships. He boasts thousands of followers and millions of views, so he’s definitely out here killing it with his comedy. Over the weekend, he dropped a new video about having an eclectic taste in music, and singing everything from gospel and pop, to R&B and trap (at the top of his lungs no less!). My sister shared it with me, knowing that I could relate This clip is most definitely me…sometimes all in one day. I am not ashamed! 

Definitely a good laugh to kick off the morning. Watch below (FYI–check your volume because he goes in)!

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