College Grad Gets a Job Offer…During Her Commencement Ceremony!

One college grad is on top of the world right now after she snagged a job offer…right in the middle of her commencement ceremony!

Melanie Sanchez, who graduated from the University of Central Florida this Friday, was waiting to cross the stage when she got a call. She immediately recognized the number, which belonged to a health care company that she interviewed with earlier that same week! After a little hesitation since she was in the middle of graduating, Melanie decided to pick up the phone anyway. “I either don’t answer it and I don’t know what could happen, like what if they give the job to someone else,” she told Inside Edition. “I don’t know. I was just kinda like freaking out. So I was like, ‘You know what? This is a once in a lifetime chance, so I’m just gonna answer it real quickly.’ At first she asks me, is this a good time to speak? And I said, yeah, of course. Meanwhile, you hear people clapping and screaming in the background.”

Melanie was offered a position as a marketing specialist at the company right then and there! And a friend was able to capture the incredible moment, which has now gone viral! Watch her excited reaction and short interview with Inside Edition below!


What an amazing start to her entrance into the real world! Melanie, who is set to start her new job on May 15, will definitely never forget this. Congrats to her!


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