Words of Wisdom: “There’s Power In Going with the Flow”-Lauren London

As March is Women’s History Month, I typically have been trying to share more female voices throughout the month when it comes to Monday Motivation, Words of Wisdom, and Inspirational Jams. I certainly will be doing that this month, starting with this powerful video from actress Lauren London for today’s Words of Wisdom.

This video is for all of those, myself included, who struggle to let go of control of your life, especially when things don’t go according to plan.

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Words of Wisdom: Curiosity and Compassion Breeds Passion-Jay Shetty

Happy Wednesday! Halfway through the week…keep pushing!

I wanted to share these impactful Words of Wisdom from author and life coach Jay Shetty about the key things to discover your passion.

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Words of Wisdom: “Everything Happens At The Right Time”-Jay Shetty

I love these Words of Wisdom from inspirational speaker Jay Shetty!

In this clip, he shares the fundamental truth that everything happens at the right time! “I know people who never went to university, but found what they love at 18,” Jay shared. “I know people who found a job straight out of college making decent money but hate what they do. Everything in life happens at our time, our clock.”

I was so sure of what I wanted to do at 18—be an entertainment reporter. I wanted to interview upcoming artists and celebrities and reporting on entertainment news. I did, for a while, and still dabble a bit. However, that didn’t happen full-time and my focus changed in late 2016 when I felt led to start this site. Though I’m starting to have a better sense of what I want now, I’m still not completely sure where I’m going to end up. Life often takes you for a loop.

We get so caught up on our timeline and our plans, but life often takes us in a completely different direction. And it’s okay. Because even if it wasn’t exactly what we planned, most times it turns out being exactly what we needed at that exact time. In my experience, it also turns out to be a lot better too!

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