The weekend always goes by so fast y’all…sheesh. Well, here’s to another great Monday and week…let’s get into some #MondayMotivation!

Man, I love watching videos from entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk (aka Gary Vee). With his different videos and quotes online, that man will get you ALL. THE. WAY. TOGETHER. Gary knows all about what goes into reaching higher heights, and he always keeps it 100. So I wanted to share this quote with you guys for today.

Let’s be real. Many people are cool with being…regular. Doing the bare minimum for average results. That’s cool for them. I’m not going to judge anyone for that, but personally, I’m trying to go beyond a regular, mundane life. I want to be extraordinary. I don’t want to be going through the motions each day for the rest of my life. So I put in the necessary work to get and stay on the path to greatness.

By now, you ought to know that, in order to achieve great things, you’ve got to put in great work. Greatness doesn’t come from putting in average time and energy, but that’s what a lot of people put out. How can you really think that you’re going to get to new and better levels doing the same old, basic, inconsistent work? The best results really do come from what a lot of people don’t want to do. Maybe it’s putting in extra time at the gym or the office. Or learning a few new skills to get a new job. Shoot, it can even be batching new content early Saturday morning while most people are still asleep.

Seriously reaching your goals (and not just talking about it) takes extra effort that a lot of people aren’t willing to do. Don’t be one of those people. Do all you can do, take a short break, and then do some more. Watch how your results shift for the better!


Happy Monday everybody…wishing you an amazing week! Ready for some #MondayMotivation?

I love this quote from Anne Sweeney, former Walt Disney exec and a current director for Netflix. It’s a powerful lesson that I had to learn for myself. People in your life may advise you on what you should do in life, and you may be pushed or motivated by words or posts online from other folks you follow. However, it’s completely up to you what you decide to do with your life and how you go about achieving that.

Everyone really has a different idea of from success means. Some people may focus on making money, while others adopt a minimalistic mindset, happier with the little things in life. A few folks may think it revolves around growing and teaching their family. Currently, I’m focused on doing what I love full-time while making a good living from it. Success is relative. No one idea is the only answer.

Whatever you believe success to be, whatever rules you want to create, go for it! Create your own list of goals and how YOU plan to achieve them. It’s cool to listen to and take the advice of others, especially older people with a little more experience, but don’t let your own ideas and terms get lost in the midst of it. It is your life after all!



Welp, another Monday is upon us. Tired, but I’m up and at ‘em, ready to take on another week. How about you? Here’s some #MondayMotivation to get you moving today!

The past few weeks have been crazy rough for me. Balancing my current 9 to 5 along with the site, other writing projects, and everything else in my life is hard. A bunch of you have the juggling act going on too, so I know you feel me on this. Writing is my true end game, so I push myself to go further and do all that I can, but good Lord it’s a mess sometimes. It’s physically and emotionally EXHAUSTING.

I have this quote on my desktop computer as a reminder when I’m down, but I’ve been going through the motions lately, so I haven’t noticed it much. However, this past Friday, I looked at it and reminded myself that everything I’m going through is preparing me for what I want. What I asked for. What I prayed for. All of the hard work, the sacrifices,  the tears and moments of doubt, dealing with craziness from people, and everything in between is truly getting me ready for the new levels that I am working to get to and prayed for.

The same goes for you guys. In order for you to be successful at what you want, you have to be built up for it. So yeah, it may be hard right now (and it may be hard for a while to be honest), but everything that’s going on right now has a purpose. At the end of it all, you’ll be stronger. More determined. More courageous. Simply better. Keep pushing through!


Good morning people…another Monday is here and it’s back to the grind. Here’s some #MondayMotivation to get you moving!

Today’s quote from John C. Maxwell was an important lesson for me to learn. You have to shake things up in your daily routine in order to get to where you want to be.

For me, when it came to my fitness, I began to eat better and meal prep 1-2 days throughout the week so that I wouldn’t fall into temptation. When it came to my writing, I began putting in extra work at my desk during lunch most days to focus more on my projects instead of going out somewhere.

In order to change where you are, you have to change something you do on the regular. What small changes can you make today to help yourself get to a new level of success?


Good morning everybody…hope you had a great weekend. Here’s some #MondayMotivation to help get you through the week!

As many of us heavily working towards our goals know, there’s a lot of sacrifice that comes along with that. A LOT. And I used to feel like I had to explain certain moves that I made or didn’t make in my life concerning my writing career. And yet, people wouldn’t understand, which was frustrating to me. I didn’t understand why they didn’t get it!

When I read this quote for the first time a long time ago, I realized that you can’t truly expect everyone to understand the path that God has particularly put you on. Just like I don’t always understand the paths of a few people close to me, but I still try to support and uplift them. Regardless, you just have to keep doing your own thing, knowing the goals that you have for your own life.  Some people will get it and support, and others won’t, and you have to be okay with that. Just keep grinding!

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