Inspirational Jam: “Anymore”-Alex Vaughn

“I’m trying to get this money…let’s go and get this money. But I can’t do it at this party. I finally decided that things can’t be the same anymore…”

I absolutely love this track from Alex Vaughn and I wanted to use it for this week’s Inspirational Jam!

On “Anymore,” Alex sings about the fact that, with the goals she has for her career, she can’t keep getting distracted by all of these parties or other things that take up too much of her time. She has to put her energy more towards getting better in her craft and growing her career.

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Inspirational Jam: “New Kings”-Danity Kane

“I never cared to dress in what’s expected, yeah, I always wanted to stand apart. I never gave a damn about all your opinions…I just did what’s in my heart…”

Back with another Inspirational Jam for the week. I love featuring great, uplifting music so be sure to hit me up if you know some great songs that should be featured.

With this one today, I was surprised to hear it. To be honest, I thought Danity Kane was officially over but it seems that members Aubrey O’Day and Dawn Richard are pushing on (Shannon Bex is reportedly still a part of the group but working on other projects). Nonetheless, this song “New Kings” is definitely one of my new favorites! Continue reading “Inspirational Jam: “New Kings”-Danity Kane”

Inspirational Jam: “Power”-UK Rapper OneDa

“They need justification…all I need is self-affirmation. They forgot who they are frustrating. Living in fear creates new complications…”

I received a track from an agency about a day or so ago from a UK female rapper named OneDa and was very impressed with it.  Of course, I wanted to feature it on Imperfectly B as an Inspirational Jam!

Power” blends a trap beat with elements of vintage dub-reggae and has a powerful message behind it for listeners. “Power is all about the strength that comes from having full belief in yourself and your abilities. Trusting and knowing who you truly are and the lack of need for justification by society,” OneDa shared. Continue reading “Inspirational Jam: “Power”-UK Rapper OneDa”

Inspirational Jam: “Today”-August Alsina

“No choice, I gotta find a way…I’m on the grind, 365, got no time to waste…”

This song from August Alsina is serious motivation for me so I wanted to share it as today’s Inspirational Jam!

On “Today,” August sings about the urgency of his grind and that he has no time to waste out here. He’s not just working for himself. He also has the nieces that he’s now raising himself in mind. Having a “why” outside of yourself pushes you to go further and do more. 

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Inspirational Jam: “Blessed Up”-Wande

“I’ve been blessed up. I’ve been broke down. Gotta catch up…gotta shine now. Running faster…I can’t slow down…”

Today’s Inspirational Jam comes from Christian hip hop artist Wande, an artist I just started listening to this week.

On her track, “Blessed Up,” Wande acknowledges her many blessings in life but also that they came with a whole lot of prayer and work. She also encourages listeners to persevere in the pursuit of their dreams.

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